Julie London’s Sad Last Days

The Globe Magazine

November 2000

By: Jack Carter

EMERGENCY STAR Julie London died of a broken heart --- devastated to her last breath over the passing of her beloved husband, jazz great Bobby Troup, reveals a family friend.

“Till the very end, Julie suffered daily over Bobby’s death a year and a half ago,” Gary Saunders tells Globe. “His passing really threw her for a loop. She loved him so She couldn’t handle being without him.”

Ironically, the 74-year-old actress-singer, who starred as nurse Dixie McCall in the ‘70s TV medical drama, suffered a cardiac arrest, as Troup had, and died on October 18, his birthday. Julie had twin sons and a daughter with second husband Troup, composer of the theme for the classic TV show Route 66, and two daughters with her first husband, Dragnet star Jack Webb.

A smoky-voiced singing star in the ‘50s with hits like Cry Me A River, Julie was felled by a devastating stroke five years ago and spent the final years of her life at her hillside home in Encino, Calif.

“Julie was a beautiful woman inside and out,” Saunders confided.  “Her life was her family. Now Julie and Bobby are together once again --- up in heaven.”

Webmaster Notes: I”m not sure if the quoted friend is named Gary or Cary. Best I can do. Also, while Bobby Troup, indeed, composed the hit tune (Get Your Kicks on) Route 66, it was never the theme for the ‘60s TV show of the same name. Composer Nelson Riddle wrote and performed the shows strictly instrumental theme which I have stuck in my head. It also was an incredible pop hit, back in the day.

This magazine is one of your supermarket check-out aisle tabloids, but is shows surprising sensitivity to the subject.