The Ultimate Julie London Auto


Note: This Blog Post is dated August 16th, 2010 by someone identified as Tenorman.

Tenorman: “To start off I present the Julie London of automobiles. A 1949 Delahaye once owned by Diana Dors, sold at auction last weekend for half it's expected price (only got $3m.)”

Here’s his Blog link:

Page responds: “So I'm curious. Can you tell us why this car is a Julie London to you? I wonder why you picked this lady to compare with.”

Walkin responds: “Because after you paid for it you would cry a river?”

From Sandra Hummer: “For years now Tenorman has had an unrequited love affair with the beautiful and talented Julie.

For him to compare the car to her, is to give the car high praise.

I have to say, that is a stunning car.

I would build a gallery for it. to just look at it and imagine it out on the road with me and my favorite fella with the ocean air on our faces.

Driving it would be insane. Look out for little girls in red cars. It would be a magnet.”

Sandi from Hermosa Beach

The Ultimate Woman Compared to the Ultimate Automobile


Note: Compare the photos below. I certainly see sleek, curvy, sexy lines on both the Delahaye and Julie. They both also look good in powder blue.