Julie London and Jack Webb Were Neighbors After Their Divorce


    Webmaster’s Note: After her divorce from Jack Webb in 1953, she bought a home in Palm Springs, California. The address was 1297 Manzanita Avenue, Palm Springs, CA. in the desirable Deepwell section of the city. Jack Webb wanted to remain close to his daughters, Stacy and Lisa, who lived with Julie. So, in 1960 Jack built a house, literally next door to Julie in Palm Springs. His address was 1255 Manzanita Avenue.

    Ex-husband Jack’s house was on her north side. It sounds like the divorce acrimony had smoothed out pretty well by then. Julie London’s next door neighbor on the other side was Elizabeth Taylor. While her lot was 1/4 acre in size like most of her neighbors, actor William Holden’s house was caddy-corner across the street from her on a full acre-sized lot.

    The house at the top of the photo belonged to Jack Webb and he built it in 1960. The home at the bottom belonged  to Julie London and was built in 1954. I don’t know if she was the original owner.

    Zillow reports Julie’s former home sold in February 2010 for $675,000 and had several photos of the property on their web site which you can view below.

Front Street View at Night
Spa and Backyard Pool
Another Back Yard View

    Palm Springs neighbors refer to Jack Webb’s former home as the “Dragnet” House. In 2010, new owners undertook extensive remodeling, refurbishing and redecorating projects. It caught the attention and was reported by the L.A. Times with an  online article viewable by clicking the link. Lots more photographs on the link.


The photos above show the front of Jack Webb’s Palm Springs home.

Caption: "It's easy to imagine Jack sitting at the bar with Julie London or some other gorgeous star sipping a martini."

Jack Webb built a house next door to Julie in Palm Springs in 1960 to be close to his daughters

L.A. Times

Saturday - February 6, 2010

By Barbara Thornburg