Shoes Painted On


Caption Right: When Movie Actress Julie London says, “I’ll be with you as soon as I paint on my beach shoes,” it’s not a typographical error. She really does, adapting an idea used by South Pacific native women. It’s a pretty neat looking job, too, eh?

The Toledo Blade

Friday - April 6, 1945

    In the photo above left was also taken in 1945, you see Julie London and fellow Universal Studios actress Barbara Bates, apparently admiring their footwear . . . or are they?  Perhaps they are comparing painting techniques.

   Julie and Barbara Bates were filming On Stage Everybody. The movie was filmed in early 1945 when the United State was heavily engaged in WWII in both Europe and the Pacific theaters. During the war, all kinds of domestic products were rationed, including shoes and leather. Perhaps this was a way studio wardrobe designers solved the shortage problem. Hollywood is the land of make believe, so it could have also have been a wardrobe cost savings move for a couple of uncredited actresses.