Blonde and blue-eyed Julie London has her second important motion picture assignment in Walter Wanger's "Tap Roots," scheduled for summer release by Universal-International. In this she will have the second feminine lead; Susan Hayward will be in a starring role.

    Julie, now 21, was born in San Bernardino, Cal., to parents who were radio singers. She made her own debut as a singer on the air when she was 3, and before graduating from high school was a radio veteran of five years' experience.

    She is not, however, one of the rarer Hollywood players who have leaped from obscurity into fame in a day. At least once she has had a great disappointment, failing to qualify for a role when first screen tested. And she has done a stint as an elevator operator; that was her vocation when her second test put her on a payroll.

    Julie's performance as Tibby in "The Red House" encouraged her studio to give her the bigger opportunity she is getting now.


Chicago Daily Tribune

May 16, 1948

Julie London as Technicolor, in “Tap Roots,” will reveal her.

Study in sepia and white.

Julie with Whitfield Connor in a scene from “Tap Roots.”