PIC Magazine - Tap Roots

    While the pot of gold at the end of Gone With the Wind’s rainbow still tinkles with the flow of coin from the fourth box-office tap, Hollywood is about to offer in the inevitable cycle of historical films, at least 10 of which deal with the Civil War era. One of the most impressive is Tap Roots, a fat-budgeted Technicolor version of James Street’s best-seller. Much of the action was filmed in and around Ashville, N.C. In many ways, Tap Roots promises to be a worthy successor to GWTW. At least Universal-International has pinned high hopes on it with plans to road-show it at advanced prices.

NEWCOMER Julie London (The Red House) is standing high in films. Tap Roots is her second big job. She’s 21.

Days of work in a tight-laced corset brought saucy comment on the new women’s fashions from Susan Hayward who plays the leading feminine role. She had read that suggesting that a corset is one of the hidden factors behind that “new look.” After hours of tiresome shooting, Susan was hell-bent for her dressing room to get “that consarned corset” off. “This picture was enough for me” she flared; her breath coming in short pants. “I’ll stick to that ‘old look.’ You can scarcely breathe in one of those things. If anyone mentions the word corset to me again, I’m going to tie him up in one!” And she wasn’t kidding.



Mason-Dixon Madness

PIC Magazine

January 1948

MISS HAYWARD spent so many hours laced up in corsets for her Tap Roots role that she swore off them when the shooting was over.

WARD BOND as a defiant southern planter enraged by the ravages of Confederate cannon fire on his river plantation home.