Elevator Leads To Film Career

  In a recent newspaper interview, Julie London, star of “Return of the Frontiersman,” related the unusual story of an elevator that served as her springboard to fame.

It all happened in a department store where Julie had been working as an elevator operator. One day, a woman passenger got on and couldn’t take her eyes off Julie, which made the latter a bit uncomfortable until the patron introduced herself.

“I’m Sue Carol,” she said, which didn’t mean much to Julie at the time. “Perhaps you know me better as Mrs. Alan Ladd.”

This time the name clicked. It also happened that besides being Sue Carol or Mrs. Alan Ladd, she was a talent agent with a sharp eye for cutie tricks like J. London. She persuaded Julie to try for an acting career. After a few tests, Julie came to the attention of Warner Bros. director, Delmar Daves, who was responsible for her first film success. She appears in the Technicolor “Return of the Frontiersman” at the Capitol Theater starting Friday, playing opposite singing star Gordon MacRae, Rory Calhoun and Jack Holt.

A romantic and action-filled incident from the early history of Laramie, Wyo., is dramatized in “Return of the Frontiersman.” MacRae, as the son of a two-gunned sheriff, is falsely identified as a gunman and to prove his innocence, turns fugitive.


Star of ‘Return of Frontiersman’ Relates Unusual Movie Start

The Deseret News

Thursday - July 27, 1950

CO-STARS IN PICTURE---Julie London and Gordon MacRae in a scene from the Technicolor “Return of the Frontiersman,” opening Friday at the Capitol.