Jack Webb’s Divorced Wife

To Be Guest Star Tonight


New York, Dec. 31 (INS)---Perry Como’s star guest tonight will be Julie London, divorced wife of Jack Webb of “Dragnet” fame. When Julie revealed plans after the split-up to become a singer with high designs on fame of her own, most folks said “s-u-r-e she will” or some such Gobelism and put it down to whistling in a dark post-romantic desperation expected of any such young lady looking for an outlet to busted marital hopes.

By the time Jack and Julie fell down the hill, however, the young lady had buddied up with a young West Coast musician, Bobby Troup, and went at her singing career slowly, and it turns out now, most intelligently. She did not take the proffered flamboyant bookings in big night clubs anxious to parade her for the reflected inglorious novelty of being able to advertise “the ex-Mrs. Jack Webb.”

Julie went out on her own, polished an inherent musicianship into a extremely good singing style, got experience the only way possible---by working constantly in clubs and with voice coaches---and now feels the time is proper for unveiling her talents before first, a national audience via Perry’s top-rated NBC-TV show and second, in a stylish, intimate Manhattan supper club, the Cameo, where she opens next Thursday.

Any doubts we might have had concerning Julie’s velvety intimate style and ability not only to hold but control a tune to her special whim went plop down the loud-speaker when we harkened to the new Liberty long-play album, “Julie Is Her Name.” It contains a marvelously tasteful lineup of fine popular melodies, accompaniment as cozy as her style---just guitar and bass, played by Barney Kessel and Ray Leatherwood, respectively.

Writer’s Chief Concern

Our lengthy concern today with Miss London stems simply from sheer aural admiration of the album, plus the news seeping from the Perry Como rehearsals that a star is likely to be born this evening to more than 30,000,000 pairs of eyes and ears.

Our rehearsal appraisal of Miss London was that she is smallish but in perfect proportion, a figure born to the whistle. If all these components work well together tonight from 8 to 9---who will be able to afford her?

Saturday - December 31, 1955

By Jack O’Brian