What Kind Of Woman?

Dear Sirs:

After reading I CALL ON JULIE LONDON, by Pete Marlin (August 17) all I can say is give us back the good old-fashioned girls like Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe.

Capt. Frank McKulick, USMC

Quantico, Va.

Dear Sirs:

My neighbors, friends and I are convinced

that Julie London hasn’t the voice of an anemic


Mrs. Clara M. Kimball

Framingham Center, Mass.

Dear Sirs:

Pete Martin is fast becoming my favorite fan

writer, titillating as he does the risibles of the more

discerning. Just now I am lost in admiration of the

straight-faced scalpel job he did on Julie London.

Hunter Lovelace

Hollywood, Ca.

Dear Sirs:

I thought the Post was above such froth.

C. Wayne Tuthill

Seaford, N.Y.

Dear Sirs:

We urge Pete Martin to call on (1) Anita Ekberg

and (2) Sophia Loren! Since we would like to but can’t,

guess a story by him would be the next best thing.

A. Anders

Dunkirk, N.Y.

Pete Martin expects to call on a lot of glamorous people,

but we don’t want to divulge the lineup.   ---ED.


Letters to the Editor

August 31, 1957