TV-Radio Life

There are many reasons why a top recording star and a top TV star can march to the altar with such confidence. You can’t scare them off any marriage plans.


TV-Radio Life

June 1, 1957

By Jack Holland

Webmaster’s Note: The author incorrectly identifies Bobby’s two children with his first wife, Cynthia Hare, as a daughter and son. They are both daughters, Cynnie and Ronnie. Also, It would be another two-and-a-half years before Bobby and Julie married on December 31, 1959. Their honeymoon would last 40 years until Bobby’s death in 1999.

Bobby Troup, he with the happy face the wide grin, and Julie London are due to take a march to the altar shortly after you read this. In fact, they may have already taken a trip. Such is the bright climax of a romance that began three years ago.

Bobby and Julie have been married before. Each has two children from those marriages so they're not entering into this new life together with the wide-eyed wonderment of a couple of wet-behind-the-ears kids. They know what the demands marriage makes and they are prepared to meet those demands.


Interestingly enough, both Bobby’s and Julie's careers began to resume shortly after they started going together. Bobby had a couple of big song hits in the years past in “Daddy” and “Route 66” and he was playing in various restaurants and saloons with a jazz combo. But, it wasn't until his KABC-TV show, Stars of Jazz, got going that he was able to display his many real talents. That show not only won TV-Radio Life’s Distinguished Achievement Award but also won an Emmy as the best local show on TV.

Julie, who had been married to Jack Webb, wasn't doing much with her career until Bobby encouraged her to make records. He liked her husky sexy singing voice and he kept after her until she decided to try her luck. Her first record was a smash hit and she became a top recording artist. Her three albums for Liberty Records are “Julie is Her Name,” “Calendar Girl” and “Lonely Girl,” all of which have been sensational sellers. Her next one is “About The Blues.” She credits Bobby with most of her success.

“Julie's career has gone ahead faster,” Bobby said and then with a grin, added, “but she's prettier.”

Bobby was rather elated, though, about his own recent efforts as a song writer. He has been writing several numbers for pictures, the last being the main song for "Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?"

With their careers so closely tied to their romance and marriage, it’s logical to wonder if that same emphasis on their work might hurt their marriage. About this Bobby and Julie have no worries.

“I think our careers will help our marriage,” Julie remarked in her soft dreamy manner. “We will be better able to understand each others problems, for one thing.”


“Besides,” added Bobby,  “we have three years of going together as a groundwork --- and you can learn a lot about one another in three years. Actually, we're very much alike --- personality-wise. Of course, I’m moodier than Julie and more affectionate and demonstrative.” Bobby laughed, “But I'm more affectionate than anyone else anyway. And I'm certainly more talkative and Julie.”

“Oh no you're not,” Julie put in. “I do all right in that department.”

“About our careers,” Bobby commented, “I don't think it hurts to discuss our work a lot with each other. Naturally, we hoped it to reach a happy balance where career doesn't take over too much, but we’re not worrying about this phase of our marriage at all.

“We have learned what the pitfalls in marriage are because of our past experiences. To me the biggest thing to watch out for is taking each other for granted. That's the sure that's sure death.”

“Learning tolerance is an important lesson too in marriage,” said Julie. “Being with Bobby has helped me in one way already --- he has helped to give me a measure of self-confidence, of assurance. Not that I have much of it now but at least more than I used to have. I still get panicky whenever I have to perform but I don't collapse like a bowl of Jell-O.



Photo Above: BOBBY TROUP of KABC-TV’s STARS OF JAZZ is the genuine doting father. He loves all kids, especially his own --- Cynthia and Ronnie Hare. He is also ver devoted to Julie’s two girls.

Photo Above: JULIE LONDON, LIBERTY RECORDS’ ACE STAR, has two delightful daughters from her marriage to Jack Webb. They are Stacy, left, and Lisa, right.

The discussion switched to Bobby's and Julie's youngsters. Whenever Bobby mentioned his two --- Cynthia, 14, and Ronnie Hare, 12 --- his eyes looked like neon lights flashing on and off. His daughter and son (1) live with their mother but Bobby sees them often. Julie also has two --- Stacy, 7,and Lisa, 4. The four kids get along just great --- so Julia Bobby said.

“I love kids,” Bobby exclaimed. “I'm a pushover for them.”

“He's too easy with my youngsters, that's for sure,” Julie remarked. “He doesn't lay down the law to them the way I do. Bobby's son and daughter are no problem at all because they're old enough to be past the stage of being idiotic like my mine are,” she laughed.

The children will definitely be no problem in this marriage. The only problem is that Bobby acts more like a kid with them than they do.
As it is with any couple, Bobby and Julie have had their arguments and will probably continue to have them. When asked how they settle such problems, Julie laughed, “Arguments are settled by either Bobby’s winning or by my winning.”

To which Bobby quipped. “She's always wrong.”

And Julie came right back with, “Maybe, but I always win.” She pause for moment and then said, “You know, I used to be as moody as Bobby is, but I decided finally about to get into it. I was either way up or way down --- and I got tired of the whole thing. Bobby and I would really be in trouble if were both moody! I guess I just mellowed a little with age.

I'm quite sensitive though and so is Bobby. But if I get hurt or mad I just keep it all inside. I'm not sure this is always good.”

Photo Caption: AT THE LAST CHRISTMAS PARADE, Julie and Bobby rode in a TV-Radio Life car. In spite of unhappy previous marriages, the two are confident their marriage will be the perfect union.

There are many things Bobby and Julie have in common. One is their interest in sports. Bobby loves golf, tennis, swimming, while Julie is a rabid Rams rooter. She likes to read too --- all kinds of books, especially mysteries.

“And I hate gardening,” Bobby cracked, Julie responded with, “That's definitely one thing we have in common.”

“But we both like hot weather and the sun,” said Bobby as he put his arm around Julie. “And we like dancing.”

And it was quite obviously that they more than liked each other. Julie maybe more reserved and withdrawn than Bobby, her feelings may not race around on the surface, but it's easy to see that she is found real happiness with him.

As for Bobby he was walking along so lightly his feet barely touched the ground and his head was up there in the clouds. On him it all looked good.