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This is JULIE LONDON. We already saw her recently in T.T. (Tuney Tunes), but this month there is every reason to reinstate Julie in our spotlight places. Just published the beautiful LP, which Pete Felleman always operated with his VARA Hit Parade and when Julie for each month of the year an appropriate song brings - The record album is called "Calendar Girl" and on the label need you nothing to ask, because Julie London sings naturally. . . . LONDON. For those who have more of Julie's voice in the discotheque is also still wants to get the EP "Julie Sings Film Songs" with four poems from famous films. Among others we find the beautiful songs on this EP "Laura" and "Cry Me A River." For Julie's countless friends, this is definitely a good month!


Webmaster’s Note: Tuney Tunes was a Dutch music magazine. This piece was written in Dutch and translated using ‘Google Translate.’ It’s a little rough but not bad for an automatic translation.

Tuney Tunes Magazine

October 1957

Dutch Magazine