Julie London Helps Her Stand-in Get Divorce


Julie London, actress and singer, yesterday played a supporting role for her stand-in, Caroline Woods, 30, when she testified as witness in Mrs. Woods’ divorce suit.

It was a return engagement for both women, for back in 1953 the stand-in played witness for Miss London at the latter’s divorce trial against Jack Webb.

Mrs. Woods told Superior Judge Wallace L. Ware that her husband, John Woods, 35, musician, would stay out sometimes until 5 or 6 a.m.

“He wouldn’t say where he had been,” she testified under questions of her lawyer, E. Loyd Saunders. “He was with other women. This made me unhappy.”

“I was with her many evenings when he didn’t come home at all,” Miss London said. “She was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.”

Miss London and Mrs. Woods were childhood friends, they said. They had known each other for 26 years, and had gone to school together I San Bernardino, they added.

Judge Ware granted the decree. The Woods pair married in Yuma, June 8, 1943, and separated April 21 last year.


SUPPORTING ROLE:  Actress Julie London, at left, appears as witness for her stand-in, Mrs. Caroline Woods, who visited court with Atty. E. Loyd Saunders for a divorce. Mrs. Woods was a witness when the star won her divorce in 1953.

       Los Angeles Times  

      Friday - August 15, 1958