Julie London Is Keeping Very Busy


    HOLLYWOOD --- The first time I ever heard the name Julie London was when Sue Ladd telephoned me to take a look at her discovery in “The Red House.” At that time Sue was handling a few actors along with her popular husband, Alan Ladd.

    “You’ll see a beauty with talent,” Sue told me, “but look for yourself and see if I’m not right.”

    I did look at “The Red House” and I thought I had never seen a lovelier face. Julie and a young actress named Aileen Roberts were so young and so fresh, and with unmistakable talent. I believe this motion picture was their introduction to the screen.

Married Jack Webb

    The next bit of news about Julie was the rumor that Jack Webb, who was also on the Warner Bros. lot, was wooing her. Then she dropped her promising career, bowed out of her motion picture contract, and married the popular “Mr. Dragnet.” He didn’t want two careers in the family, so for seven years the blonde, blue-eyed Julie contented herself with being a housewife and looking after the two Webb children.

    Then Julie and Jack separated and Julie is reported to have received the largest alimony ever paid in Hollywood. Jack gave her practically every cent he had in the world when they were divorced. It was the boast of her attorney, the late Sammy Hahn, that he had obtained so much money for her that she need never work again.

    But Julie wanted to work. She didn’t like being idle, so when Bobby Troup, well-known composer who has been in love with her ever since he met her, asked her to open at the John Walsh 881 club as a singer, she accepted. Her success was the talk of the town. Her first record ”Cry Me A River” became the rage --- her album “Julie Is Her Name” was the teen-agers’ delight.

Wearing Big Diamond

    “Are you going to marry Bobby Troup?” I asked the day she came to see me. She is wearing a huge diamond ring on her engagement finger.

    “We have no plans,” was her answer. “I have one broken marriage and Bobby also has one that went wrong, so we both want to be careful. Besides when would I have the time --- I am busy all the time.”

    There is no denying Bobby is her inspiration. He arranges all her popular songs and helps her select the right material.

    Julie looked like an ice-cream soda in a pink summer dress and white accessories. She said “ouch!” and groaned as if in pain. “I have the worst sunburn,” she said, trying to make herself comfortable and explaining her grimaces.

    “Where did you get such a burn?” I asked her.

Fell Asleep in Yard

    “In my own back yard,” she said. “I was so tired I fell asleep in the sun, and I didn’t realize that it was so hot. I was so exhausted after I came back from location on “Man of the West,” Gary Cooper’s picture.”

    Julie couldn’t say enough nice things about “Big Coop.” “He is so relaxed, so witty, and so considerate of all the cast and crew,” she said. “We all thought he was wonderful.”

    Julie feels her first big movie toward dramatic fame came in “The Great Man” with José Ferrer. “I was so busy with my singing, I really didn’t think much about a dramatic role until Rosemary Clooney suggested me to José. He liked the idea of the off beat casting,” she went on, “and I liked the dramatic opportunities that the role offered me, so I made the picture and I must say it was a gratifying experience.”

    “What’s your next bit project?” I asked her.

Plans Ranch House

    “Oh I’m working on plans for a big new ranch house. I am strictly a valley girl, and our house will be at Royal Oaks, outside of Encino. It has plenty of room and big grounds for the children.”

    The two Webb children are Stacy, eight, and Lisa, five, and they have lived with their mother since the divorce.

A good interview and recap of Julie’s movie career.

St. Joseph, Missouri News-Press

Sunday - May 25, 1958

By Louella O. Parsons

(Motion Picture Editor International News Service)