Gary Cooper and Julie London

Smoke Up A Haystack!



SERIOUS NOTE is struck by Cooper, Julie in midst of sizzling scene. Pair is held hostage in barn by Cooper’s former gang, who tries to reclaim him.

STARS BREAK UP over muffed line by Cooper in middle of scene. Director Mann had  repeated difficulty keeping principals in mood of passion. Leading lady London flubbed her share of lines as well.

COFFEE BREAK is taken by Cooper while cameras relocate for shots taken from higher angle.

“MAN OF THE WEST” is Gary Cooper’s first western in almost five years. In it he plays a former outlaw trying to live peaceably but pressured to return to lawlessness by his onetime partners. Julie London portrays a dance hall girl in her most important role to date. Together they are held hostage by Cooper’s old gang (bent on reclaiming him) and they conspire to escape. Supporting the leads are Lee J. Cobb---an outlaw approaching senility and dreaming of past glories---Arthur O’ Connell and Jack Lord.

JULIE DON’S JACKET of prop man as she takes a break. “Man of the West” is her most important role to date.

DIRECTOR FRAMES SHOT with his hands, instructs stars to “do it right this time.” Scene was shot in four days.

COOPER MAKES HAY comfortable for Julie, preparing to bed down for the night. Coop tells Julie how he became a gunman, how he finally broke from the band of desperados led by Lee J. Cobb.

Modern Man Magazine

December 1958