Julie London


Now for a contrast and patient reader, what a contrast!

London presents (HAA-2038) their glamour girl, Julie London, a young woman who has mastered the art of sighing insinuatingly into microphones if nothing else, in a programme entitled Calendar Girl.

Accompanied by Pete King’s Orchestra (alternating brass and strings, languishing and bouncy tempos as required); Miss London never allows us to forget her somewhat overpowering femininity as she tackles June In January, February Brings The Rain, Melancholy March, I’ll Remember April, Sleigh Ride In July, September In The Rain, November Twilight and several others.

I’ll Remember April is the highlight of her collection---this fragrant melody in beguine tempo has an unusually haunting quality.

Don Raye composed it in 1940, and Julie London’s version catches most of its romantic nostalgia; moreover, Pete King’s orchestral background is just sufficiently in the picture, lightly etched in.

And November Twilight has atmosphere; so has Melancholy March, although here the singer overdoes it. She sells too hard.

June In January, a sweet tune dating back to 1934, gets crisp, rhythmic treatment; and Sleigh Ride moves cheerfully and ingratiatingly.

In sum, Calendar Girl is likable in small dose, and London’s sound is strikingly lifelike. The cover design dwells upon a young woman cavorting in swim suits and suchlike.

“Off The Record”

Melbourne Australia

Wednesday - January 29, 1958

By: John Masters

Webmaster’s note: When I read this review of “Calendar Girl,” I get the feeling that John Masters was clueless that the “young woman cavorting in swim suits and suchlike” on the cover, was actually the artist, Julie London.