Julie London: Setting Goals

Lakeland Ledger

Lakeland, Florida

Sunday, November 29, 1959


Hollywood Beauty

By Lydia Lane

HOLLYWOOD---I was given Julie London’s new Liberty album, “Your Number
Please,” as a present. And after listening to it several times, I decided it was time we got together.

“I have a strong feeling about not letting yourself go,” Julie told me. “I don’t feel that caring for your appearance should be the determining force in your life but you should try to keep ahead of yourself.

“It is not to be dismissed as vanity. This is a very competitive world  and it is common sense to take pride in the way you look. I feel caring  for yourself is not something you do for others---it gives you a lift too.”

As we were chatting at 20th Century-Fox on the set of “The Voice,” Julie was wearing a form-revealing white evening sheath.

“I play the type of girl who picks up men,” she explained.

“You look so beautiful you should have no trouble,” I commented.

Julie was wearing her hair in a French twist. Her stand-in joined us. “Don’t you like Julie with her hair up?” she asked. “I have been after her to wear it this way.”

When the stand-in left Julie told me, “Caroline and I went to school together and have been friends ever since. I like her because I can trust her to tell me what she thinks.

“I try to stay away from dishonesty in any form. I like straight answers and I try to give them. I want to know what a person is thinking even if it is not flattering. A man told me that he liked the emphasis I put on honest thinking. ‘Women rarely do,’ he said.

“Another trait I like,” Julie continued, “is tolerance. To me this means not setting yourself up to pass judgement on others. Some people don’t realize that being good is easy when you are not exposed to temptation.”

Julie has fair skin and blue eyes. “Were you ever a blond?” I asked.

I was once, for a week, but I think healthy hair is hard to beat and I didn’t like the way bleaching made me feel,” she replied.

We talked about fashion. “Don Loper is my favorite designer. I like the way his clothes make me feel,” Julie declared. “They are simple, elegant and comfortable.

“I don’t change easily. I am not one for following the fashion swings. I have to go along with trends but when the hemline changed, my skirts went up only so far.” Julie indicated the center of the calf.

“I like sweaters and skirts, blue jeans and blouses, and the other extreme --- formal gowns or cocktail dresses. I adore luxury, but nothing overpowering. You have to form some idea of yourself, or how can you have individuality?” Julie asked.

While we were talking I was enjoying Julie’s scent.

“I tried to find something that was not too popular, that men liked and that would stay with you. I like perfume.” Julie said, “and I always wear it.”