Julie, Greta, Ava Loveliest of the Stars

         HOLLYWOOD. --- There have been only three truly beautiful stars of motion pictures in the last 25 years, Julie London, Ava Gardner and Greta Garbo.

That is the opinion of Louis LaCava, Hollywood make-up man who has been making the glamour girls even more glamorous for exactly that long.

LaCava has made up literally thousands of girls and practically all the top feminine stars of the screen during his long career.

He was the make-up artist for Norma Shearer and Greta Garbo and through the years has practiced his artistry on such glamour queens as Joan Fontaine, June Allyson, Kathryn Grayson, Natalie Wood, Anita Ekberg, Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, Diana Dors and scores of others.

And yet he will pick only his chosen three as genuine beauties.

“I realize I’m on dangerous ground,” said LaCava, the man whom all the feminine players try to have on their pictures “but it’s my honest opinion that only Julie, Ava and Greta have true beauty.

“All of these girls possess certain beauty points that can be brought out,”  he said.


The Spokesman Review

Spokane, Washington

Sunday - February 15, 1959

Webmaster’s Note: This article has no author, and for good reason. I am willing to bet that after it was published, Louis LaCava could only have lunch in Hollywood with three people, Julie London, Ava Gardner and Greta Garbo. Louis LaCava was the Makeup Supervisor for the Julie London, Robert Mitchum Western, The Wonderful Country in 1959, the same year this article was published. The earliest film, I saw that he worked on as an assistant makeup artist was, The Wizard of Oz in 1939, not bad.

Note: This photo is Julie on location for the film The Wonderful Country. I’m just guessing, but . . . this could be the most hated make-up artist in  all of Hollywood . . . Louis LaCava.