Julie London Strips

What kind of stuff is Julie London made of? Moviegoers get a chance to find out in her most recent saga of the old, bold, gold West titled "Man of the West".

Gary Cooper gets a chance to ogle, too, along with a few black-hatted baddies who force Julie to take off her clothes at the point of a knife. The point of the knife is aimed at Cooper's throat. To save Gary from a fate as bad as death (it is death), Julie obliges the baddies and does a routine that makes the screen sizzle softly for a few minutes.

How does this come about? Well, to get back to the original source, undoubtedly the producer said to the writer---Look, pal, get a bit of sex into this oat-burner or we'll all cry at the box office."

The writer undoubtedly is of an ingenious turn of mind, for the idea he came up with to pare some of the upholstery off the turn of the century costume that is draped on Julie --- is surely an inspiration.

And it reveals curves that have been held bac
k from the public view for much too long a time. How far does Julie go? As far as the local movie censors would allow. Somehow, we felt, circumstances in real life might not have been so fortuitous (what's he say?) as to get Miss London off the hook. The baddies and Gary and the public gets an eyeful, but the eyeful isn't really sinful. The charm of the thought lies of course in the thought itself.

In the flick, Cooper and London find themselves in the middle of nowhere, with no trains due for a long spell. They look for a place to stay, pick a cabin to stay in which, it turns out, is occupied by outlaws. The rest has been spelled out.

How did Julie feel about doing the scene? 'It didn't bother me. I think it was in context and story line, and didn't take on any connotations of being unnecessarily sexy. If you thought I was sexy in it, than thanks. I accept it as a compliment.”

The compliment was meant, Julie.


Julie Bares It

Foto-rama Magazine

March 1959

    Webmaster’s Note: I don’t know about this article. I bought this edition of Foto-rama on eBay with no more knowledge about the magazine than the cover photo of the semi-chubette babe in the bathing suit. The $3 shipping expense exceeded my winning eBay bid, to quantify my investment for Julie London fans like you. Foto-rama clearly was a men’s “girlie magazine” (tamer than Playboy) but vastly more sleazy. I can safely say neither Julie London nor Gary Cooper would have had a part in the article or its magazine placement. (I’m not so sure about Steve McGarret.) For the movie company...there’s no such thing as bad publicity. 

    Many of the same photographs appear in the LOOK Magazine article in September 1958, but that article included photographs of Julie with her young children.

In her latest flick, a Western, Julie shows exactly what she’s made of ---

Black silk stockings don’t detract a bit.

Gary’s life is threatened so strip starts.

“The camera crew had a ball during this strip scene”

Off comes the blouse; Gary gets a shave.

Next comes the skirt and bodice shows.

Julie stoops and bodice droops, causing gasps among the camera crew. This was cut out.

“Funny. You put a strip scene in a nightclub and it’s not this sexy.”