London Outlook: Fair Weather


JULIE LONDON, a talented beauty who appeals to men and women alike, has had two Hollywood careers. In her first as a Warner Brothers actress she was on her way to stardom when she fell in love with Jack Webb.

She tried to build him up, and would ask the press to write something about him when they came on her set. And she gave up her professional life when they married to care for her home and two small daughters. After they divorced Julie didn't work for a year.

Then she made a sensational come-back in a new medium as a singer who went to the top with one record, “Cry Me a River." Today with pictures, television, and recordings, she's one of the busiest girls in town.

She had two unreleased pictures, was on her way to New York for a Perry Como show, and had finished a pilot TV on which she'd been working for three months when I talked with her.

When I remonstrated that a TV show each week was murder and recounted the experience of Jane Wyman and others, she merely laughed and said, "Yes, I know, but financially it's wonderful. And I feel it's right for me. It's a melodrama with music, set in a night club so there's an excuse for singing. The working title is 'Maggie Malone' and it's for Four Star.

"If you can work for a couple of years and then get out, you can live on re-runs in years to come. I'm building a new home in the valley and a series would help pay for it."

    Julie's long time romance with Bobby Troup, the composer-musician who persuaded her into her first appearance as a singer and who writes her material, has been cause of much speculation in the movie colony. When I asked her if they were still engaged she said: “Sort of I guess; we're still together."

        A few moments later she shrugged off an intimation that Jack Webb's residuals (re-runs) were providing her with a whale of an alimony, remarking: "News stories on that settlement were terribly exaggerated. I had an alimony of $18,000 yearly and I'm now making much more than that with my singing. Jack setup a trust fund for the children and one for me, but certainly not in the amount it was reported to be."

A frank person, Julie admits she doesn't consider herself a singer, but rather a stylist, and feels she's doing very well without a formal voice. "What takes the curse off for me is that I have wonderful material," she explained.

“For a long time I thought I was an odd ball because I was 'so scared before going on. Then I discovered everybody else was frightened, too. My first live TV had me scared stiff. I'm O.K. all during rehearsals, even the dress rehearsal, but the minute I know I'm on, I go to pieces inside.

“I’ve done four night club stints, the Cameo in New York, the Interlude and Johnny Walsh's here in Hollywood, and the Frontier in Las Vegas. The best audience of all was there. I was amazed that, large as the rooms are in Las Vegas, they would become quiet---quieter than rooms with only a hundred people in another kind of club."

        Julie London has nothing to say in favor of rock and roll. Her latest album "Swing Me an Old Song" is, she says, “really old, things like 'By the Sea' and' Be My Baby Bumblebee.' I do wish something would happen to take away rock and roll."

Jack Webb sees the children once a week, but on separate days. The children fight so much when they're together that I even take them shopping separately," she explained. "But they were really marvelous in Mexico, went to school in Durango, when I was there for seven weeks on location for 'The Wonderful Country.'

"They hated to leave and both of them picked up quite a bit of Spanish. I guess they're the right age for that, Stacy is going on 10 and Lisa is 7."

Her favorite picture is "The Great Man" which she did with José Ferrer. She'd most like a good vacation.

Born in Santa Rosa, Cal., Julie later went to San Bernardino where she attended high school. After that she moved to Los Angeles with her family. Julie was discovered by Sue Carol, Alan Ladd's wife, who persuaded her to try for a movie career. This was when Warners signed her to a contract.

Interior decorating has been her hobby and she worked out the decor of her first Hollywood home. She owns a place in Palm Springs where the family spends vacations even in summer when most people avoid the desert because of the heat.

Not much of a cook, she admits to making an occasional dessert. With her fair skin, blue eyes, and golden hair she doesn't seem the athletic type but is a, splendid swimmer, and a football fan. Eight albums turned out in three years attest to her success as a singer in her second career; she has a long list of single records also.


Julie Faced a Foggy Future Following Her Divorce from Jack Webb, but She's Back Now --- a Singing-Acting Sensation

By Hedda Hopper

The Chicago Daily Tribune

June 14, 1959

Julie London...fame is just around the corner.

She played an ex-television star in “The Great Man” with José Ferrer.