Troubles Of Being A Lady,

Direct From Julie London


By Earl Wilson

New York---Julie London has got  problems trying to be a sexpot on TV, and records, and in the movies, and a lady in real life. Jerks are always pestering her with weird calls which almost make her forget she’s  a lady.

“There was one yesterday who wanted to come up and take pictures of me,” Julie told me recently. “He was writing a novel.”

“I wondered why he wanted to take pictures for a novel. So I told him I had somebody who handled all those requests and gave him the name. That’s all we heard from him!”

Julie was also bothered a couple of years ago by a telephone pest who claimed to be on my staff and called girl often very early in the morning---whom he asked very, very personal questions.

“He started out with me by saying, ‘Get your little wiggle out of bed and get to work,’ ” Julie recalled.

“I knew he didn’t know me very well or he wouldn’t have said ‘little.’ “

Julie had been alerted about this chappie---whom we subsequently caught---so she tried to help catch him.

“I’m not very busy now,” she said, “Want to come over?’

“Oh, I don’t feel too well,” he answered.

But the sexpot come-on has done great things for Julie who’ll probably be seen on TV in her own show. “Maggie,” a nightclub music-and-mystery thriller series. And the gal who has had two careers---one before and one after she was Mrs. Jack Webb---reaches the peak of her movie fame in one coming up. “The Wonderful Country.”

“I have a the funniest shape,” she told me, “I’m 5-3. From my knees up I should be 5-8, and from my knees down, I’m Toulouse Lautrec.”

But the only one complaining about it is Julie.


It Happened Last Night

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

October 6, 1959