Julie London Shuns Alimony


HOLLYWOOD (UPI)---Julie London, who could have retired on her alimony from actor Jack Webb, has given it up to marry the man who brought her back from theatrical oblivion.

She gave up $1,500 a month alimony last New Year’s Eve to marry pianist – composer Bobby Troup, who made her a singing star when she couldn’t get a job after her divorce from Webb.

“After the divorce,” she said, “Jack arranged for things to be comfortable for me, and it could have been the kind of life where you just sit back and collect.”

“I don’t mean to sound smug, but even then I couldn’t just sit back and collect a check I hadn’t earned. I tried hard to pay my own way. I think there’s a great creative demand within each of us to know we foot our own bills---and a great satisfaction.

Julie Intensely Honest

Miss London, who is blonde, smoky-voiced and intensely honest, said in her home that Troup restored her confidence, which had been shattered after the divorce---partly, she said, because Webb had been more obsessed with his work than with her.

“Also,” she said, “I think any woman who goes through a divorce has a period when she lacks confidence in herself. Her ego is dragging on the floor. If you’ve been married, you don’t know what to do with yourself if your guy doesn’t show up at 7 o’clock.

Suddenly your routine is lost. It’s a crushing, frightening and challenging experience. Right after the divorce,, I actually wondered, ‘if someone asks me out, what am I going to talk about?’

Was An Elevator Operator

“Well, I gained a lot and lost something too. I lost my special little world, my blind faith and naiveté. Everything used to be pink clouds. When I got married, it never occurred to me it wouldn’t work. Everyone in my family had been married for at least 40 years.”

Miss London, who was born in Santa Rosa, Calif., and whose cousin, Tell Taylor, wrote “Down By The Old Mill Stream,” was originally discovered 16 years ago as an elevator operator in a department store by agent Sue Carol --- later Mrs. Alan Ladd.

But although she has made nearly 20 films, her career never had solid direction until Troup talked her into auditioning for a club as a singer.

“One night, leaving a small club, Bobby said, ‘by the way, you’re opening in four weeks,’ “ she recalled. “He said, ‘you’re going to do it --- and no questions about it.’ “

Admits Age Freely

From then on, her albums and hits like “Cry Me A River” established her.

She might have become a star long ago --- but, while married to Webb, she surprised Hollywood by turning down a contract with Universal-International studio because she didn’t want to interfere with her home life.

Miss London, who has two daughters, Stacy 10, and Lisa, 7, by her marriage to Webb, is still a non-conformist by Hollywood standards --- admitting freely, for instance, that her age is 33.

“Why not?” she said. “I think it’s lovely to be in your 30s. I don’t think you’ve started to be a woman until then. I think the 40s will be even better. Think how much more you know.”

Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Sunday – February 21, 1960