Julie London Quits

Night Club Circuit

CAN ANYBODY come up with a helpful tip for a shy singer?

Too bad, but hereafter if you want to see and hear your favorite low-tone crooner, Julie London, don’t look for her on a night-club floor. Movies and TV perhaps, but no more deals where the audience is live, close in and staring.

Back in Hollywood from an otherwise successful engagement at Harrah’s club in Reno, Julie announces she is putting an end to any further public outings.

“It isn’t because I’m a snob about it,” she explains. “Or because I feel casino patrons are rude, as some entertainers complain they are. The plain truth is that I still freeze when I get in front of an audience.”

“It’s one reason why I rarely do television. I can fully sympathize with Joan Crawford, Betty Grable and a few others who have it hit them that way, too. I never do a ‘live’ show unless I can record my songs in advance. Can’t help it, but I get petrified even in front of a small studio group.”

        Why then did Julie accept the Reno offer?

“Once a year I try to play a club date,” she sighed, “maybe just to prove to myself I can, and also because Bobby (Troup her musician husband) keeps telling me that if I sing before people often enough I’ll learn to relax. Maybe he’s right --- but the anxiety I went through before each of those shows really took its toll on my emotions. I lost eight pounds in three weeks. If I kept at it long enough I might end up a relaxed singer, but Frank Sinatra would end up forfeiting his title of ‘thin singer’ to me.”



The Miami News

Sunday – May 22, 1960

By Harold Heffernan