Blood and Honey

    Webmaster Note: While Googling Julie London images to find new material for the site, I kept running across photos of the actress Anne Francis. I finally clicked a link and discovered what the connection is. If you’re old enough, you will remember Anne Francis played the steamy, sexy, savy, tough private investigator, Honey West on the TV series of the same name which ran for 30 episodes in 1965 and 1966.

    The television series was based on a series of Honey West  paperback novels written by G.G. Fickling, first published in 1957. G.G. Fickling was a pseudonym for Forest and Gloria Fickling, a husband and wife team of authors from Laguna Beach, California that created the character Honey West and ultimately wrote eleven Honey West novels.

    The dedication for their eighth “Honey West” novel published in June, 1961 titled Blood and Honey reads as follows:

To JULIE LONDON                                       

                                The symbol

                                The embodiment

                                And the fire of Honey

The real life Julie London was the authors’ model and inspiration for the fictional P.I. Honey West they wrote about.

It wasn’t until 1965 that Anne Francis would play the detective Honey West on the small screen. I personally feel the casting director for the show did a good job. (I, not only enjoyed the TV show, but also read all the Honey West novels back in the ’60’s.)


Julie London is the inspiration for the fictional detective, Honey West

June 1961

G. G. Fickling

Pyramid Press

I think Anne Francis and Julie London fill out an evening gown perfectly.

In looking into this little bit of trivia, I noticed the novel, Blood and Honey, had a cover price of 35¢ when first published in 1961. As it is out of print, it was for sale on Amazon recently for $29.00.