Julie London Dilemma:

She Sounds Too Sexy


HOLLYWOOD (AP) --- Sometimes a girl can sound too sexy for her own good.

That’s Julie London’s dilemma.

Album buyers know Julie as the girl with the bedroom voice. So, apparently, do movie producers.

“Why can’t I ever see some of those good, wholesome scripts that other actresses get?” she asks.

“Everything they send me is pornographic,” she laments. “I won’t do them.”

Julie is one of the better dramatic actresses in the business, but that built-in sexiness---both in sound and looks---can overshadow dramatic talent in producers’ thinking.

Julie says she never had any trouble getting good dramatic scripts before she became famed as a singer.

“I’m a stylist,” she insists, “not a singer. I sing low and sexy because I can’t sing any higher.”

But she downrates herself on that score. Julie is a very sexy girl. She is a top album seller for Liberty records, where her well-endowed figure is often displayed revealingly on covers.

One Liberty executive discloses an unusual sales appeal fact about her albums.

“She is the only singer I know of, says the executive, “who can sell albums to men who don’t own record players.”

Sunday – April 2, 1961


AP Movie-TV Writer