Julie London Pursued By Singing

In Past Westerns


How do you renounce a stereotype? Sultry Julie London, of the husky, intimate singing style, is trying to, but that seems to follow her everywhere. It followed her to “Hong Kong” and will turn up Friday night on CBS’s “Rawhide.” And while the singing is peripheral, the writers wouldn’t dast let her go without a tune.

That is logical. After all, one recording executive observed, “Who else can sell albums to men who don’t even own record players?”

When you write a singer into a Western script, you’ve got to write in an accommodation story too, which will explain the presence of Bobby Troup, who is Julie’s husband in real life and a top-flight musician.

For those who missed “Incident at Rojo Canyon” the first time around, Bobby plays her manager-accompanist. Julie’s looking for her father and Gil Favor (Eric Fleming) permits them to join the drive.

A less gullible trail boss, you keep thinking to yourself, would have gotten the cattle to Sedalia weeks ago.

Julie’s career reflects the vagaries of the business. She was an actress when she married Jack Webb and “had no trouble getting good, wholesome scripts.” Now that she’s a singer, “they don’t want me to act,” she says.

(Note: This episode of Rawhide, first aired September 30th, 1960.)


Eric Fleming and Julie London

share top billing in Western repeat

The Cincinnati Enquirer

TV Magazine

August 13 - 19. 1961

By Bernie Harrison