Julie Sings in ‘Hong Kong’

BEST BETS---7:30-8:30---For sheer escapism, HONG KONG is establishing an enviable record. The show’s plots are generally reasonable, the development logical and the production excellent. Tonight is a good example. It tells a simple story of a frame. Hero Glenn Evans (Rod Taylor) is the victim. Actually, the villain isn’t out to get him at all but Evans happens to be a means to the real dastardly end. Fortunately for Evans, he has the assistance of Julie London, a genuine singer who plays a singer who gets to sing. There’s one scene here which supposedly is a market place on the waterfront. To give the scene authenticity, they spotted some 12 dozen dead fish around---it had the air of authenticity in more ways than one.

TV Scout

Pittsburg Press

Wednesday, January 4, 1961

Julie London

and Rod Taylor