Julie Finds Four

Doesn’t Go Into Three


    Lush thrush Julie London’s sweeping four-foot wide dress is an on-again-off-again thing at The Cave nightclub.

    But don’t rush. All the action is backstage. And the problem only presents itself when Miss London is dressed for her act and then finds it necessary to negotiate one of the narrower doors that lies behind the scene.

    Miss London has become impressed by the fact that four doesn’t go into three no matter what the urgency. So it’s on with a dressing gown.

    She has made a mental note to tell Hollywood designer Don Loper that the gown is beautiful but can have its disadvantages backstage at The Cave.

    But gowned or dressing-gowned, the singer makes a very attractive package.

    Her charms are frequently seen at their best on the covers of the records she churns out as a top recording star.

    It has brought the comment from her friend, pianist George Shearing, also currently appearing in town, that she’s sold 250,000 album jackets but only 25 records.

    A singing commercial for  a now-famous brand of cigarettes helped Miss London make the switch from acting to warbling.

    She admits that echo chambers, recording engineers and microphones help make singers, but insists the public is not being cheated.

    Miss London feels instead, that the public’s often-meager demands are cheating the singers. She said that the public demands gimmicks and is satisfied with the less capable performers in all branches of the arts.

    She said there are more recording vocalists than ever before even if most of them are only one-shot wonders.

    The real singers stick around, said Miss London, who added that she will know when it’s time for herself to quit.

  Miss London is accompanied on her Vancouver engagement by husband Bobby Troup, and their 10-week-old daughter Kelly.

    Troup is one of the top jazz pianists in the U.S. and composer of about 200 published songs.

Julie Plays a Club in Vancouver

and Her Dress is Too Wide for the Doors

The Vancouver Sun

Friday - July 13, 1962