Introducing Julie London

LEFT---Sultry Julie London sang for an audience of 650 last night at the Outrigger Inn. Miss London surprised some of her fans with her petite size, bouncy blonde hair-do. For her two shows she wore a slim white satin sheathe skirt and blue lame blouse. Then she changed to a low and clinging black pajama costume. The Surf and Tennis Club presented the Julie London show.

Hubby---Husband Bobby Troup, singer and piano man, was part of the Julie London show along with a five-man band.

RIGHT---Friend and fellow showman Ken Albers, one of the Four Freshman, greets Julie London. He said all of their engagements were cancelled Friday and Saturday after word of the national tragedy. Some shows were held Sunday. All engagements are cancelled for today.


Evening Independent – November 25, 1963 (Monday)

St. Petersburg, FL

Staff Photos By Fred Parrish

(This was published the day President John F. Kennedy was buried.)