Julie Exercises Pounds Away

       Julie London gained 9 lbs. before having her daughter, who is just over a year old, and only 12 Ibs. before having twin boys just recently.

"You have to set standards for yourself," she said. "I have a strong feeling about not letting myself go. If you keep busy, you can take your mind off food. If you don't plan activity, eating will be the only thing you think about.

"Long standing discipline makes a habit of not giving in to yourself. I was an only child, and my family put me on my honor to do what was right. This gave me a sense of responsibility.

Common Sense

“This is a competitive world and it is common sense for a woman to take care of her appearance. Trying to improve the way you look is not vanity. It is an obligation to yourself and others, but mostly to yourself. When you have pride in the way you look, it gives you a lift just as not taking care of yourself will tear you down.

"As soon as my doctor would permit me, I went to a gym. You can work at home, but I needed to have an appointment to exercise. Then I knew I would get it done."

This is Julie's favorite exercise. Lie on the floor, lift your legs to a 45-deg. angle. Keep your knees as straight as possible. Hold this position for a slow count of 10. Then begin to lower your legs as slowly as you can. "The nearer you get to the floor, the more control it takes,” Julie said. “And just before your heels are ready to touch, come up again and repeat.”


Los Angeles Times

Saturday - July 6, 1963