Julie’s Happy at Home - and Also on TV

    Julie London, who is too busy caring for brand new identical twin boys to worry about TV a
ppearances, comes back via the rerun route in a repeat of a “Dick Powell Theater” episode Tuesday night on NBC-TV.

    But Miss London also has another rerun next week titled “Like a Diamond,” which she made shortly before the birth of the twins last May.

    Married to musician Bobby Troup, Miss London has another child, Kelly, by Troup and two daughters by a previous marriage to actor-producer Jack Webb.

    Contrasting with her completely normal role as wife and mother, Miss London plays a lurid role in the rerun, which was her first dramatic role in two years.

    She is cast as a torch singer whose death becomes the subject for a “psychological autopsy” by psychiatrist Wendell Corey and his assistant, Jack Ging, in an attempt to determine whether her death was suicide, accident or murder.

    The singer also gets a chance to perform her specialty, crooning the lyrics for the series’ title song.


The Sunday Star - TV Magazine

Washington , D.C.

August 18-24, 1963