Science Proves

Julie London’s Singing  is the Best


Caption - CATHODE RAY CONCERT. Off watch, two specialists run tapes of singer Julie London’s voice through oscilloscope in workshop producing lines on screen.  Electronics technicians tape various singers, compare patterns their voices make, claim husky-voiced Miss London’s are the best looking.

Webmaster’s Note: I can’t make this stuff up. It is presented to give you the most comprehensive source of Julie London information among the inner planets. This pictorial was about life aboard a Polaris missile submarine. God bless our men in uniform. At sea, submerged for months at a time, they proved Julie London was the best singer in the world using fail safe, state of the art, 1960s vacuum tube technology. Clearly 1960s vintage geeks. I completely agree that Julie London’s lines are the best looking and I didn’t even need an oscilloscope to reach that conclusion. The Mark 1 Eyeball tells me all I need to know.

Further Note: Take a look at the Commander posing in the hatch. I’ve got to believe this steely-eyed hombre would have no problem serving up a large can of whoop-ass on whoever the launch codes said to spoil their day.

LIFE Magazine

March 23, 1963