There’s this about Julie London. She is devastating to look at, she has the sleek, don’t-give-a-damn class of a Jaguar XKE roadster, she could make “Home On The Range” sound like an invitation to a cozy evening in front of the fire.

If she isn’t the most beautiful, most seductive singer in America, then there aren’t any beautiful, seductive singers in America.

Julie London sang – before, with and following her husband, Bobby Troup – at a special show at the Outrigger Inn last night. Both Troups are solid, big city entertainers.

Bobby sang, played piano and kidded his way about a group of Troupian songs, including his own “Route 66,” “I’ve Got The World On A String” and I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm.”

But Julie was the show---first in a satin sheath with a short, sequined, something-or-other top, then in a tight, low-cut black dress that suddenly turned into a pair of bell-bottom pants toward the lower edges. She didn’t have to sing a note, really.

But she did sing, and well. The London style consists of half-whispered endearments, low-moaning blues and easy-swinging interpolation. Sometimes she pays court to the meaning of the words, often she couldn’t care less. She caresses a whole new character into old standard songs – then convinces you her way may be right.

Julie London sighs a lot --- and when she does, it’s lovely. She hypnotizes every man who gazes on her.

Could you expect less from a woman who can make a sex symbol of a cigarette commercial?


Julie London Sighs,

Sings So Seductively

By Don Sider

On The Times Staff

St. Petersburg Times

November 25, 1963