Julie London in Ebony Magazine???


Julie London

At this time when racial strife is scattered far and wide, I thought
I'd write about democracy at work.

My daughter, Karen, sent a fan letter to songstress Julie London expressing her disappointment at not being able to see her. She (Miss London) was at the Royal Box, Hotel Americana, at the time. Karen asked for an autographed photo and received instead an invitation by telegram to be Julie's guest for dinner and early show at the Royal Box.

We are Negro. My daughter and I were treated with the utmost courtesy. Bobby Troup, Julie, everyone was lovely to us. And we didn't have to resort to extreme measures to accomplish this. There's love for all if we only remember Christ's teachings.

Mrs. Ethel Davis

Glen Cove, N.Y.

Webmaster’s note: I find this note especially sweet and touching. At a memorial for Bobby Troup after his death, it was said by many friends who spoke, that Bobby didn’t recognize color...only soul. I think that can be safely said about Julie as well. Thanks to Ethel and Karen Davis as well as Ebony magazine for sharing this.

It was during this engagement at the Royal Box in 1964, that Julie London recorded her album, Live at the Americana.

Austin Kearney


Ebony Magazine

Letters to the Editor

June 1964