Julie London Fans in for a Letdown


        HOLLYWOOD (UPI) --- Fans of sophisticated, sultry Julie London are in for a letdown.

The gorgeous redhead appears as if she should be out on the town dressed in a slinky gown and doing a frenetic cha-cha. But the truth is Julie likes to spend her evenings at home with husband Bobby Troup and their seven children.

Dressed in slacks and blouse and minus her shoes, Julie made it quite clear she was the casual type during a recent evening in the “family room” of her beautiful Encino home.

“I guess a lot of people think of show business as a very glamorous way of life,” she mused. “To me, it’s definitely a business --- a job that takes just as much energy and hard work as anything else.

“I enjoy singing in clubs, but still it’s work. And when I come home I don’t feel lile playing glamour girl. I’d rather think about whether the kids have had their dinner or when I’ll have time to re-decorate the house.”

Real Success

Although Julie doesn’t seem to count career success as her number one goal in life, she definitely is successful. She plays such top hotels at the Flamingo in Las Vegas and the Americana in New York, and her Liberty records are consistently top sellers.

The fact is, however, that a lot of London fans don’t care a thing about her voice. They just like to look at her.

Julie is flattered with the compliments about her alluring beauty, but she doesn’t take them too seriously. Unlike most celebrities, she doesn’t have the usual flock of glamour portraits around the house.

“Why should I look at my pictures when I can look at my children?” she smiled, pulling out the family album.

The Herald-Tribune

Friday – February 5, 1965