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By Chick Ober

Of The Times Staff

When record packages seem to be full of albums of something that has been done before, someone will do it so well that it’s rewarding. Ad quite frequently the gal singers are the ones to snap us out of the doldrums with fine performances of some oldies.

For instance, there’s the Jane Morgan album for Epic titled “In My Style.” It includes some splendid renditions of standards like Fascination, My Heart Belongs To Daddy, and Till I Waltz Again With You. And it includes bright new ones like Downtown, We’ll Sing In The Sunshine and People.

Julie London is another singer who can snap us to attention with her dreamy ballads. Her latest Liberty album finds her warbling with the Gerald Wilson Big Band, and it’s packed with variety. She goes from Watermelon Man and King of the Road to slower paced tunes like I Bruise Easily and She’s Just a Quiet Girl.

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(Webmaster note: This review continues on to discuss other albums, but don’t you think the reviewer could have mentioned Julie’s album by name? He was talking about Feeling Good.)

The Dolls Do It

The St. Petersburg Times

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Monday, December 20, 1965