Julie London Needs a New Agent


"Julie London, the famed songstress, arrived at Franklin Township's Memorial Airport Friday noon to be greeted by a delegation of Tech emissaries before whose student body she entertained last evening." "Shown greeting the star are Tech Carnival bigwigs, Dave Stallard, with glasses, and Don Truax."]

Daily Mining Gazette

Houghton, Michigan

February 6, 1965 (Saturday)

Photograph by Earl Gagnon

Webmaster’s Observation - No, that is not the real title to this blurb, it’s mine. The town of Houghton is on Michigan’s upper peninsula, on a finger of land that protrudes into Lake Superior. I believe you can see Santa’s workshop from there. Michigan Technological University is the local school and biggest employer in the area.

    Don’t you think that if you were a pretty big star hailing from Encino, warn, sunny, Southern California, that your agent could find a slightly more attractive gig for you in early February than the Tech University - Frostbite Carnival? My hat’s off to Julie for taking this concert booking and smiling for the camera.

    (I’ve been looking for news reports, dated after this one, saying something like, “Singer-actress Julie London’s agent found dead from freak duck hunting accident in his living room.”)

    In all honesty, Julie said that playing for college audiences was her favorite. In a 1963 interview she said her ambition is to work "about 10 days a month" doing concerts---especially for the college crowd. "They're the absolute greatest! No one else matches them for genuine enthusiasm."