Julie London Travels to Australia

American actress and singer, Julie London, pictured at Melbourne airport on her arrival yesterday, said she wished for a better voice.

“I also wish I didn’t have freckles,” she said huskily, but this is only a form of vanity.”

“Actually, I do not really believe I need any more than my husband and children and our life together,” said the singer, whose married name is Mrs. Bobby Troup.

Miss London arrived with one of her children, pert three-and-a-half-year-old Kelly, who easily stole the show at the expense of her attractive mother.

“I love having Kelly with me,” said Miss London. “She is a great leveler.”

“When I am upset or depressed, I can always rely on her to pull me out of it.”

Miss London will open a two-week season at Menzies and Savoy Plaza hotels tonight.


The Age - Melbourne, Australia

May 3, 1965