Julie London Sultry,

Provocative in Act


        NEW YORK---To Julie London, sultry play’s the thing. What she lacks in vocal power she amply makes up in provocativeness, permissiveness and persuasiveness. In her Empire Room performance in the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel Wednesday (13), she peeled off the property from 16 tunes, including such varied material as “Mickey Mouse Song,” “Hello Dolly!” and The Road Gets Tougher,” with the organized abandon of a top stripper.

Not only did the Liberty Records’ artist reach the audience in this intimate manner and in her revealing white gown, but she also sat on  one of the male patron’s lap, softly cooing “Hey Daddy” while teasing him with soft embraces.

The vocal support she receives from her young men in a few of her numbers, “Up, Up and Away,” “Girl Talk” and “Don’t Pass Me By,” is questionable. Actually, it disrupts and maker her singing inaudible. Her conductor and arranger was Kirk Stuart. He has a marvelous talent, shaping and guiding the Empire Room orchestra with precision. And his skill at the piano, especially when accompanying Miss London in “My Baby Just Cares For Me,” was of the highest caliber.

In total, Miss London stresses make love, not song. There’s not much wrong with that.

Billboard Magazine

Saturday - November 23, 1968

By Robert Sobel

Webmaster’s Note:    These photographs were taken of Julie in her suite at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel while performing at the Empire Room in 1968. They are in no way part of the Billboard article.

    Given the thickness of the New York Times newspaper next to Julie, I would guess they were taken on a Sunday.

    Because I have no shame, I can proudly tell you I “backed-up” (meaning stole) these photos from the joancrawfordbest.com web site who “borrowed” (or stole) them from the now offline “Julie Is Her Name web site.” Photo credits go to Andy Krysinel. Lucky guy. I thought they would compliment the Billboard review.