Singer Bats An Eyelash

  Like vintage wine, Julie London’s beauty increases with maturity. As I watched her hold a packed audience with her effortless singing, I thought how untouched she was by the march of time.

Later in her suite at the Century Plaza we talked about this, and Julie said; “I think our emotions contribute most to staying young. You can't fight life or yourself and feel or look well."

Her marriage to Bobby Troup is a good one. As she slipped from a lettuce green Travilla into a dressing gown, Julie displayed a beautiful figure, more like that of a teenager than a mother of five.

"I am lazy. I like to procrastinate." Julie confessed that exercising did not come easy. "But I force myself to swim, ride a bike or go to a gym. You have to be active to keep in shape."

Count Calories

The best advice Julie has for prospective mothers is to count calories before the baby is born. "I only gained nine pounds with Kelly and could wear my old clothes right away. How little you gain in no way affects the size of the baby. The idea of indulging yourself just because you are pregnant is outmoded. Fat is unhealthful at any time---we know that now."

We talked about makeup, and Julie feels the, greatest thing that has happened to women since the permanent wave are artificial eyelashes. "I used to spend a long time putting on layer after layer of mascara, and now I get a more flattering effort in seconds.

"The big mistake women make is not doing a custom job on their lashes. The goal is to make them look like your own."

"Every woman has to find the easiest way for her to apply them. I look down into a mirror to attach them in the far corner of my lid and then sit up and press down at the other end." The length of the lashes should be cut for your face and adjusted to the size and shape or your eyes.


JULIE LONDON - Beauty Increases

Los Angeles Times

Monday - June 3, 1968