Julie London Working

Under Strange Setup


     HOLLYWOOD (UPI)---Julie London finds herself in a bizarre position of working for Jack Webb, her ex-husband, who also employs her current spouse, Bobby Troup.

Such amicable arrangements may occur elsewhere, but in Hollywood little attention is paid the fact that Julie and Bobby costar for Webb in “Emergency!” Indeed, most movie-television people would be thoroughly unconcerned.

The offer to appear in the series did give Julie a start, however.

“I was genuinely surprised when Jack asked me to do the show with Bobby,” she said. “It came out of the blue. I certainly didn’t expect it.

“Bobby had worked with Jack on ‘Adam 12’ and ‘Dragnet,’ but this was something new for us. As a producer Jack is very demanding. He’s a perfectionist.

“Jack Webb is a tough boss. But he was that way as a husband, too, so I wasn’t surprised that he wants the very best on his show.”

Webb’s hiring of his ex-wife and her husband are all the more astonishing when it is remembered the divorce settlement cost him approximately $500,000.

Hopes for Best

Julie has little more to say on the subject except that she hopes the NBC series remains on the air for years to come.

“Bobby and I both traveled so much as entertainers, performing in nightclubs all over the world that that it’s absolutely wonderful to stay at home every night,” she said.

“Few people know it, but I began my career as an actress before I started singing. I was under contract for six movies when I started out.”

Then Julie introduced the song “Cry Me A River” and she became better known as a vocalist than an actress. Between movies she recorded songs and made singing appearances on top variety shows.

In “Emergency!” Julie plays a nurse and doesn’t chirp a note.

“It was frightening the day I reported to work in the show,” she recalled. “Bobby practically had to hold me up. My knees were shaking.”

“But then I was terrified when I began playing clubs a dozen years ago after I’d become accustomed to working for cameras.”

The Dispatch - Lexington, NC

Thursday - July 13, 1972


UPI Hollywood Correspondent