No Weight Problems

For Julie London


        Viewers who struggle to maintain a slim figure and who might wonder how svelte Julie London manages to avoid excess pounds, won’t get any helpful hints from Julie.

“My problem is keeping my weight up,” she says on the set of Jack Webb’s new Universal Television series, “Emergency!” in which she stars with Robert Fuller, Bobby Troup, Randolph Mantooth and Kevin Tighe each Saturday evening over the NBC television Network.

In “Emergency!” Julie tucks her neatly packaged 110 pounds into a nurse’s uniform. She claims that she would like to have a few more pounds to the package.

“I try to keep my weight up to 115,” she says. “But it is difficult to maintain that goal. I go on eating binges and add a pound or two, but it doesn’t last long. As soon as I start to work hard, the weight starts going back down.”

Miss London’s secret for keeping her figure may be in her work schedule. If her activities in “Emergency!” are typical, even Kate Smith would have trouble maintaining her famed avoirdupois on Julie’s schedule.

Julie’s first day of filming on the new hour-long series had her running up and down a steep hill for a scene in which she treats the victims of an auto accident. The segment required split-second timing and take after take was ruined when the intricate mechanics of the scene didn’t mesh for the director. Julie had worn a smooth path on the embankment before the director was satisfied.

Since then, she has been involved in tunnel cave-ins, four-alarm fires, floods and the hundred other disasters to which doctors, nurses and firemen rescue personnel respond.

“I may have to revise my ideal weight if this pace keeps up,” Julie comments. “I don’t think anyone could gain weight filming and action television series like ‘Emergency!’ “

The Evening Herald – Rock Hill, NC

Monday - January 24, 1972