‘Let’s Try Plasma’

A Hollywood columnist was supposed to meet Bobby Troup on the Emergency! set, and simply failed to show. An NBC publicist blurted the first thought that came to mind, “Thank God it was only Bobby.”

The Publicist was instantly sorry but he had a point. Most established performers getting such a brushoff yell for their agents and demand the blood of everyone even remotely involved. Troup, at 56, is resigned to getting along in a world in which he gets dusted back regularly because he’s “only Bobby.”

Not that it’s all that bad a world. Troup has a happy marriage to Julie London, and their Encino, Cal., estate has been a cozy nest for Troup’s two daughters from his marriage, Julie’s two by Jack Webb and Julie and Bobby’s own daughter  and twin sons---a truly splendid mix of his and hers and theirs. And he has a steady role on Emergency!, a show in which he has third billing, and which seems likely to go on as long as people like to watch fire trucks.

But there are costs in pride which only he can fully know. Julie is billed above Troup and has better lines and more scenes. And both owe their livelihood to her ex-husband. Webb, whose company produces the show. And despite his billing, there are shows where Troup’s character, Dr. Joe Early, doesn’t seem to do much more than clear his throat and murmur, “Let’s try plasma.”

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Songwriter Bobby Troup now gets paid for saying things like that on Emergency! it’s a living, but it isn’t music.

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Saturday – August 16, 1975