Julie London Comments on Her Role in Emergency


INSIDE THE TUBE: Julie London, co-star of NBC’s ‘Emergency!’ is proud to be on the series but doesn’t feel she’s accomplished enough in show business. “I feel pride when strangers tell me the show has helped save someone else’s life because they’ve been made aware of paramedics’ services, but I’m not fulfilled creatively,” sighs the 50-year-old singer-actress. “I guess I’ve never been content with what I’ve accomplished. I think I have excellent taste in what I do, but I keep hoping there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.” She philosophizes, “There’s always something just around the corner for people to run into. But I haven’t the foggiest what or where my corner is.

Through Channels

By Joey Sasso

The Prescott Courier

Prescott, Arizona

May 6, 1977 (Friday)