About The Blues - 1957


While attending Hollywood Professional High School in 1944, I hardly thought the teen-age doll sitting at my left in English class would someday be a top recording artist who got her start by recording a song written by the boy sitting at my right! I'm referring, of course, to Julie London, Arthur Hamilton and Cry Me a River. What also never entered my mind was that I'd be fortunate enough to become a Los Angeles disc jockey who would be featuring precisely this type of music and literally be flipping over the talents of my schoolmates! Well...it's true and I'm thrilled to be in any way connected with these two talented personalities...let along having the opportunity of telling you about this fine new record album.

Having established Julie's ability as a vocalist through her albums "Julie Is Her Name" and "Calendar Girl," LONDON now presents this talented beauty complemented with strings, trombones and the transcendent ability of Russ Garcia, whose arrangements are surpassed only by his personality.

An azure hue sets the mood featuring blues standards and two originals --Bouquet of Blues by Arthur Hamilton and Meaning of the Blues written by the producer of this effort, Bobby Troup. As for Julie, I can only say without getting completely carried away that she is achieving what all artists hold as a goal--the ability to create a mood. So well has Julie done this that some of the more commercial type vocalists have tried to imitate the "Julie London approach." This, in itself, is a great compliment and verification of an artist's success. Often an artist is accepted by the public but not by the industry...and vice versa. But with Julie it's unanimous! We're all with her 100%! Not only is she a gorgeous woman with an abundance of talent but also a wonderful person eager to please her admirers.

So here, again, is our Julie as she sings "About the Blues."

Track Listing

1. Basin Street Blues

2. I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues

3. Nightingale Can Sing the Blues

4. Get Set for the Blues

5. Invitation to the Blues

6. Bye Bye Blues

7. Meaning of the Blues

8. About the Blues

9. Sunday Blues

10. Blues Is All I Ever Had

11. Blues in the Night

  1. 12.Bouquet of Blues


Liner Notes by Jack Wagner:

Basin Street Blues

I Got A Right To Sing The Blues

A Nightingale Can Sing The Blues

Get Set For The Blues

Invitation To The Blues

Bye Bye Blues

Meaning Of The Blues

About The Blues

Sunday Blues

The Blues Is All I Ever Had

Blues In The Night

Bouquet Of Blues