Julie London - Art Imitates Life


We clearly have some talented artists who have immortalized our Miss Julie. Personally, I have difficulties in just drawing a bath. Enjoy these fine reproductions of Julie and friends. A web site named Deviant Art has a lot of material but the artists use screen names. The pencil sketches of ‘Dixie McCall’ may be by U.K. artist George Glisson.

Watercolor by artist: Joohong Chae

Artist: Elliekin

Artist: Wayno

Artist: Wayno

Artist: Jareth Aladdin Sane

Artist: Lean Ashe

Artist: Merryl Jaye

I think from Julie London’s family photographs and a number of interviews, it is clear she was a “dog person” and not a “cat person.”

This sketch is from the back cover of Julie’s second album Lonely Girl released in 1956.

Cover Art From Julie’s 1962 Album - Love Letters

Artist J.R. Williams’ interpretation of Julie London’s debut album cover, Julie is Her Name.

The previous three pieces are exercises in applying PhotoShop filters but we include them here due the graphic artist’s superb choice of subject matter.

O.K. This is one mystery I really need help with. On the left is the cover photo from Julie’s 1967 album Nice Girls Don’t Stay For Breakfast. The sketch on the right is from the back cover of her 1961 album, Send For Me. Julie looks older in the 1967 photo than the earlier sketch done in 1961. Did Liberty Records have some sort of Dorian Gray artist on staff screwing with the sketches and negatives?

Below - Artist: Greg Clark

Above Center: Julie london as photographed on the cover of her 1957 album, About The Blues. The painting on the right is by artist Kris Carlson.

Sketch by D*J*P*

Julie London Sketch 2 by D*J*P*

Robot Rescue

by Derek Grime


Size: Large 24.00 X 30.00

Media: Oils applied to stretched canvas on wooden frame.

Notes: The beatnik robot is in trouble again and needs to be rescued. The old switcheroo on the 50's movie poster concept. It seemed like almost every monster film had an image of the creature carrying away the damsel. Strange thing happened on this - I was thinking Julie London for the Woman, but she came out looking sort of like Dana Scully from the X-Files. Guess that kinda fits. Sort of..

Webmaster Note: Happy to give Derek some advertising. He’s right. Julie’s Nabonga movie posters show her being carried away by the giant ape. There’s a whole blog somebody has showing scores of similar posters. It’s titled Monsters Carrying Chicks. Click the link.

Three sketches by Edward Salas

The drawing by artist Lee Bermejo titled, “Torch Singer.” Julie was his inspiration.

The first two samples below highlight both thoroughly committed Julie London enthusiast as well as talented tattoo artists.

The femmes of Marvel and DC reconstruct this classic [Julie London] jazz record, but somehow the photo shoots seem to go awry. So far we have Poison Ivy for May, Wonder Woman for July, Rogue for September, Catwoman for October, She-Hulk for November, and Supergirl/Krypto for December. May will get moved to the front cover once August is complete.

Julie with a lone bassist, she’s likely singing ‘Bye Bye Blackbird.” Art by BD Jazz.

Watercolor Painting by Paul Sherman.

Artist Kathleen Ross

Another shameless plug from me for The Satin Doll Trio. The lovely vocalist, Patrice Ferris, mimics Julie for their album cover. Click the album photo for a link to buy it on Amazon or here for iTunes.

Julie London posed for this original oil painting in 1951. Artist Paul Wenzel went on to work for the Walt Disney Company for 42 years. He did thousands of illustrations for movie advertising and painted the portrait of Walt Disney that appeared on a 1968 U.S. stamp.

Artist Jacques Kapralik sketches the Man of the West cast, Lee J Cobb, Julie London, Jack Lord and Gary Cooper.

Sorry bitches, you’re not in the same league as Julie in Around Midnight.

Artist: Ed Seeman