Calendar Girl - 1956


This essay on Julie London won't plead the apparent. It won't cite her good looks, nor argue that she is structurally sound. And it's unnecessary to comment on her voice. A lot of people have heard it and reported kindly. So, these notes will deal mainly with the album.

The selection of tunes is broad and demanding. It presumes that Julie will show greater versatility. She does. She takes on a variety of tunes; she treats them with skill.

There are thirteen numbers in the for every month of the year. It's never divulged who goofed; but whether it was Tin Pan Alley or Augustus Caesar, we can all be grateful. About half of the tunes are standards. The others are new and unused.

Julie is ably aided by a group of top-flight professionals. Some pleasant male voices move in and out with the seasons. The band itself is split into three or four different combinations. They finish in pretty much a dead heat. The arrangements are by Pete King.

JANUARY: "June in January"  This is a highgaited treatment of the Robin-Rainger standard. Except for Christmas bills, Julie manages to make everything that happens in January seem somewhat wonderful.

FEBRUARY: "February Brings the Rain"  A new tune by Bobby Troup. It's a quiet blues number which proves that 28 days don't always make the shortest month. Julie does it with a suitable feeling of loneliness. She also makes it clear that she's sick and tired of the rain.

MARCH: "Melancholy March" is a composition by Herman Saunders and Dory Langdon. It was done especially for this album. A very shrewd commission indeed.

APRIL: "I'll Remember April" is one of the standards in the album. Properly executed, this song should carry the idea that lost love is actually a bonus for the early wear-and-tear. Julie neatly palms it off.

MAY: "People Who Are Born in May"  This is a new tune by Earl Brent and is far-and-away the merriest exercise in the album. The lyric is especially optimistic if you happen to have been born in May. It's nicely accented with strings.

JUNE: "Memphis in June"  A rural remembrance, done with grace and style. Julie makes your heart leap at the thought of Boss Crump and sweet oleanders.

JULY:  "Sleigh Ride in July"  It's sad to report that no month seems safe for a girl. The girl in this tune got hers right in the middle of July. But the weather was good.

AUGUST:  "Time for August"  A new number by Arthur Hamilton which sponsors the demure notion that a girl should have a new boy friend every month. At the end of the year, she's twelve times as happy. Mr. Hamilton does not say if an occasional repeat is permissible. Novel and tuneful enough to be a hit; Julie does not prejudice the cause.

SEPTEMBER: "September in the Rain"  A Warren and Dublin standard. Julie does it on the up side and it's pleasing enough to make you go out and buy your own rain cloud.

OCTOBER:  "This October"   A bouncy entry which would have made Larry Hart proud; Bobby Troup wrote it. Julie sings it with suspicious conviction...enough to make us all happy she "caught him in the autumn."

NOVEMBER: "November Twilight"  By the arranger and Paul Francis Webster. Julie doing this kind of number is really stuffing the ballot box.

DECEMBER:  "Warm December" by Bob Russell. This tune explains how to take off the chill in mid-winter. As you might suspect, it's not done with a pot-bellied stove. Strings and trombone dominate.

13th MONTH:  This extravagant hope is outlined in a second tune by Arthur Hamilton. You'll be glad to know that the man who wrote "Cry Me a River" has not run out of tears. In fact, he seems to have the western distributorship. The tune is done with a nice use of echo.

Track Listing

1. June in January

2. February Brings the Rain

3. Melancholy March

4. I'll Remember April

5. People Who Are Born in May

6. Memphis in June

7. Sleigh Ride in July

8. Time for August

9. September in the Rain

10. This October

11. November Twilight

12. Warm December

  1. 13.Thirteenth Month


Liner notes by screenwriter Richard Breen:

June In January

February Brings The Rain

Melancholy March

I’ll Remember April

People Who Are Born In May

Memphis In June

Sleigh Ride In July

Time For August

This October

November Twilight

Warm December

September In The Rain

The Thirteenth Month