Cry Me A River


    Unless you haven’t been paying attention, Julie London’s signature hit song was Cry Me A River. It was written by her high school classmate and senior prom date, Arthur Hamilton and it launched Julie’s singing career in 1955. Recently I was following a Google search and fell down a rabbit hole, finding thousands of images of artists interpreting the phrase, “Cry Me A River.” A Google search of the song title yields something like 3.3 million hits under “images.”

    I’m not an art critic, but I’ve selected a sample of the artists’ works here all titled, “Cry Me A River.” For all I know it may be a theme assignment required to graduate from any art school as there seems to be an unlimited number of images. My guess is many of the artists and their instructors may have never even heard of Julie London.

    I can’t imagine what Julie or Arthur Hamilton would think about the inspiration their song has supplied to thousands of artists interpreting the song title.

Artists’ Interpretations of “Cry Me A River”