Easy Does It - 1968


There are singers who let it fly from deep within and pour out red-faced bellows complete with bulging eyes and pulsating neck cords. They rip it up with big bands and belt it out until the sun comes up, then follow with swashbuckling encores that bring down the house with slaps-on-the-back and flamenco table top dances.

Then there's Julie.

No gala musical fanfare or big-sound glitter. No jokes, no jugglers, no soft-shoe. Just a blues guitar, a well-placed bass, a drummer's light brush... and Julie. The combo provides a mere musical skeleton, a framework that serves only to complement the singer; it doesn't try to compete. The combination is distinctively blues... and distinctively Julie.

Julie is a mysterious, sultry woman with a moist-eyed singing style and real feeling for loneliness. She can take a variety of material and adapt it perfectly to her nostalgic blue mood. Her rendition of "This Can't Be Love" is one of the best examples. The slight musical accompaniment serves only to enhance Julie's vocal mood. Even old timers like "Me And My Shadow" and "Bidin' My Time" come across like they were written especially for her.

Julie won't change her style with the whims of the musical world - her "It Had To Be You" and "The Man I Love" will always be provoking and easy to understand. And people will always want to hear her. .. whenever they get in that Julie mood.

No, she doesn't strain above the percussion and brass, and she has no aspirations to win the battle of the bands or shatter fine crystal with her vocal vibrations. Her music is for the candlelight people - people who light fires in fireplaces and pull down bottles of Spanish Port from musty cupboards.

She sings the way lonely people feel.

And there's not a grin in the place.

Track Listing:

1. Show Me the Way to Go Home

2. Me and My Shadow

3. This Can't Be Love

4. Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year

5. Soon It's Gonna Rain

6. I'll See You In My Dreams

7. April In Paris

8. Bidin' My Time

9. The Man I Love

10. It Had To Be You

11. We'll Be Together Again

12. The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else


Album Liner Notes by Al Stoffel:

Show Me The Way To Go Home

Me and My Shadow

This Can't Be Love

Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year

Soon It’s Gonna Rain

I’ll See You In My Dreams

April In Paris

Bidin’ My Time

The Man I Love

It Had To Be You

We’ll Be Together Again

The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else