Photos From Emergency!

    In 1972, Jack Webb, Julie London’s first husband and father of her two oldest daughters, asked her and second husband Bobby Troup, to come work with him on his new NBC-TV series, Emergency! Julie and Bobby leapt at the offer. It rescued them from the extensive travel and time away from their seven children, while performing in night clubs and at college concerts all over the country. Emergency! ran until 1979 and held it’s own in the ratings against the wildly popular series All In The Family in the same time slot over on CBS-TV.

    I read an interesting interview with Bobby Troup where he relates “Of all the television programs in the United States, I think Emergency did the most public service, because when we started, no one had ever heard of a paramedic program. There were only three in the country, by the time we finished 6 or 7 years later, there were thousands of them, there's a common word.” Kudos for Jack Webb, Julie London, Bobby Troup and their fellow cast and crew. How many lives did they indirectly help over the years with their work on Emergency?

    As a footnote for Jack Webb’s many contributions, he was the force behind the TV shows Dragnet, Adam-12 and Emergency! When he died in 1982 at the young age of 62, the Mayor of Los Angeles, Tom Bradley, ordered all flags in the city lowered to half-staff in Webb’s honor. Chief of Police, Daryl Gates announced that badge 714, used by Sergeant Joe Friday, would be permanently retired. Jack Webb a.k.a. Sergeant Joe Friday was buried with full police honors in Forest Lawn Cemetery with a replica of badge 714. I don’t know if it’s true, but somewhere I read that Jack Webb selected badge number 714 for the fictional Joe Friday to pay homage to one of his boyhood heroes, Babe Ruth. The Bambino hit 714 lifetime home runs.

      One of my favorite articles is the 1972 TV Guide article on Julie and Emergency! Click on the link, enjoy!


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Robert Fuller, Julie London and Bobby Troup

The Doctor will see you now.

Robert Fuller and Julie London

    A Julie London and Emergency! fan from Germany, Carolin Hachtel, contacted me and sent me some fine Julie screen shots from the show. They are below for your enjoyment. (The next 16 pictures.)

Doctor Kelly Brackett gets to first base with Nurse Dixie.

Note: Robert Fuller first appeared on screen with Julie London when she guest-starred on the TV western, Laramie with him in 1960. I don’t know if this was their introduction, however Robert Fuller, Julie London and Bobby Troup remained the best of personal, off-screen friends for 40 years. I read a Robert Fuller interview he gave long after Emergency! was off the air where he talked about how much fun it was going to work with your best friends, Julie and Bobby every day.

Robert Fuller and Julie London

Jack Webb and Julie London on the set.

An Emergency! fan of the first magnitude, Gary Collins, was kind enough to share his extensive collection of screen shots from the show . The following photos are courtesy of Gary.

Caption Left: From Left: Fire Fighter/Paramedic Ed McFall, PIO Dick Friend, Fire Captain/Paramedic Mike Stearns, Engineer Mike Stoker, Julie London, Bobby Troup and Bob Fuller. Mike Stoker explains how it feels to drive 3,000 miles in a fire engine as the Engine 51 tour ends at the Universal Studios.

Webmaster Note: After it’s first season, Emergency producer Bob Cinader cobbled together a plan to promote paramedic programs and his TV hit Emergency! with a coast-to-coast promotional tour by the L.A. County Fire Department Paramedic Squad. The four real-life L.A. Fire Department/Paramedic guys picked up their new studio prop, a Ward LaFrance fire truck built in Elmira New York, in 1973, and drove it from New York back to L.A. stopping each day in a different city to promote the paramedic program with a local TV station. The photo above celebrates their arrival at Universal Studios in L.A. where Julie London ‘christened’ the fire truck with a bottle of bubbly smashed on the front bumper.

Photo Above: The iconic Engine 51 from the 1970s TV show awaits restoration at the L.A. County Fire Museum in Bellflower, Calif. (Dated June 2010.) If you Emergency fans wish to read more about the cross country promo tour by the L.A. Fire Department community relations staff, click on Nation Viewed From Pumper.

Kevin Tighe, Julie London and Randy Mantooth in this 1973 photo from Emergency!

Barbara Nichols and Julie London in a 1974 episode. Barbara and Julie played girlfriends to George Raft in the 1961 film The George Raft Story. Who do you think is aging more gracefully?

Robert Fuller and Julie London chill in Nurse Dixie McCall’s apartment in a 1974 Emergency! episode.