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Julie London married Jack Webb July 19, 1947 and they had two daughters, Stacy, born on  January 11, 1950 and Lisa born November 29, 1952. Julie and Jack divorced November 26, 1953. On December 31, 1959, Julie married musician and composer and long-time fiancé Bobby Troup. Julie and Bobby had one daughter, Kelly, born April 30, 1962 and twin sons Jody and Reese, born May 28, 1963.


Bobby Troup, Julie London and André Previn, who arranged and conducted a number of Julie’s albums.

Julie London behind a gun. In 1949, she dropped by the Universal International Pictures set of “Sword In the Desert” where her husband, Jack Webb, had a role. She appears here in this rare photograph clowning along with Jeff Chandler and a brace of heavy caliber artillery.

Mickey Mantle, Gov. Robert Meyner of New Jersey, Julie London and Bobby Troup at the Harwyn Club in New York City in January, 1957.

Mickey Mantle and the New York Yankees had just won the 1956 World Series (again) a few months earlier. Mickey and the Yankees would not win the Series again until 1958

Above Right: 1959 - John Barrymore and Anna Kashfi having breakfast with Julie London on the movie set, Night of the Quarter Moon.

Bobby, Julie and children in 1974.

I love this 1962 photograph of Julie London and Bobby Troup relaxing at home. Bobby’s spinet piano at the ready, gold records and awards hanging on the paneling, junk on the coffee table, their dog, Sugar, on the sofa, (just like my den’s sofa), bowling trophies on the mantle and a chicken lamp. Julie with a cigarette, wearing jeans and a sweater, and Bobby practicing putts on the carpet. This isn’t an Architectural Digest photo spread, but a real slice of how Julie and Bobby live. It’s completely real.

Julie London, Bobby Troup and an unnamed friend at their home the  in Royal Oaks section of Encino. I think Julie is wearing a TV test pattern outfit.

In the photo above, Julie arrives at La Guardia airport in NYC on December 28, 1955. She was promoting her first album, Julie Is Her Name and performing on Perry Como’s December 31st New Year’s Eve TV show. On January 5th, 1956, she and Bobby Troup opened at The Cameo Restaurant and Night Club in New York City. The next several photographs were taken of Bobby and Julie at The Cameo Restaurant at 129 East 53rd Street in Manhattan. Julie played to packed houses and enchanted the hard-bitten New York music critics. I have a 30 minute recording of Julie’s show if you click here.

Bobby Troup, Julie London and musician Ray Anthony - 1955

Caption: The photo is from 1957. Julie and The Four Freshmen were working on a show called Frances Langford Presents (for some reason, though, the show did not air until March, 1959.) Julie is wearing the same outfit as she wears for the cover of her London by Night album.  From left to right, Bob Flanigan, Ken Albers, Don Barbour and Ross Barbour.  (No one is quite sure about the poodle that Ross is holding.)

Bobby Troup, Julie London and don’t miss Julie’s Dachshund, Patsy, lying next to Bobby.

1957 - Photo on the left... no dogs. Photo on the right...two dogs. Clearly, Julie’s singing and Bobby’s piano playing is animal friendly. (Patsy is on the piano stool with Bobby and Sugar is on the floor.)

Julie and Bobby Troup, late 1950s.

Julie and co-star J. Scott Smart from their film, The Fat Man, 1951.

Julie on her way to a party. 1970s

As a Captain in the Marines during WWII, Bobby Troup was the first white officer to be given command of an all black unit, The Montford Point Marines.

Julie London receives her first of three Billboard Magazine Female Artist of the Year awards from Ella Fitzgerald for 1955. Julie was awarded the same honor for 1956 and 1957.

Julie London and her daughter Lisa on location filming The Wonderful Country in 1959 in Mexico.

Left: Julie gets a touch up on the set of her 1958 film Voice in the Mirror from the make-up artist.

On Wednesday, February 15, 1961, Julie joined Bob Hope on his Bob Hope Buick Sports Award Show for NBC television. This photo, taken prior to the show, was used to promote the program.

Julie and actress Barbara Bates - 1945

Julie on the David Niven Show - June 9, 1959

This is a present-day Google street view photograph of Julie London’s and Bobby Troup’s Encino California home. They built the home in 1959 and were married in the house New Year’s Eve, 1959. They lived in the home for 40 years until their deaths in 1999 and 2000. Julie and Bobby were known to be wonderful hosts to their guests here. Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald were two of the many entertainers to sing in “Julie’s Room”, as the family referred to the oversize family room. In 1960, her album “Julie...at home” was recorded here in “Julie’s Room.”

There are several other pages on this site with articles about Julie’s home that can be reached by clicking on the following links.

Julie Has Room To Spare           Julie London’s House

Bobby Troup and nine-month-old daughter, Kelly, visiting mom on the set of “Eleventh Hour” January 28, 1963. Julie is five-months pregnant with her twin sons in this photograph.

Above Left - Photo Dated: Feb. 2, 1960. Caption: For release 2/7 with UPI story by Rick Dubrow on Julie London:  2/7/60 - HOLLYWOOD: Julie London, who could have retired on her alimony from actor Jack Webb, $1,500 a month, has given it up to marry the man who brought her back from theatrical oblivion. Her husband, pianist-composer Bobby Troup made her a singing star when she couldn't get a job after her divorce from Webb. Although she has made nearly 20 films, her career never had solid direction until Troup talked her into auditioning for a club as a singer. From then on, her albums and hits like "Cry Me a River" established her. UPI Telephoto

May 2, 1956

Caption: HARRISBURG, Pa., Dec. 12, 1962 - Julie London, a professional singer, poses with her seven-months-old daughter, Kelly, for the first time, while she and husband, a songwriter, Bob Troup, were visiting friends in Harrisburg, Pa.

Note: Harrisburg was Bobby Troup’s home town.

Caption: July 23, 1958. Some famous Hollywood talent boards an American Airlines Flagship for New York City, en route to San Juan, Puerto Rico, to do a benefit variety show tomorrow night (July 24) for the American Cancer Society. The show, augmented by local talent, will highlight the island governor's ball. From front: Julie London; Bobby Troup; Carol Morris (former Miss Universe); Arthur O'Connell; Ingrid Goude; (former Miss Sweden); Dale Robertson; Constance Moore; John Maschio (producer of the show). Ginger Rogers and Ann Miller join this group in New York City.

Webmaster’s Note: I find this a very nostalgic photo taken back in an age when people “dressed-up” to take an airplane flight. The ladies are all dressed to the nines complete with gloves and the men all wear suits and ties. An aviation buff friend of mine points out the aircraft is a DC7-B and would have taken eight hours to make the trip to Idlewild airport in New York. The red carpet that the passengers are posed on indicates that this was a first class flight back when these aircraft were either all first class, coach or economy.

Further Note: In the photo above, Julie London is three months shy of being 32 years old with two children. The former Miss Sweden, Ingrid Goude, no slouch in the eye candy department, is 21 years old. Carol Morris, the former Miss Universe, is 22 years old. Who did the photographer pose in the front row . . . our long-in-the-tooth Miss Julie. She seems to hold her own in the photo-op department quite well.

Ingrid Goude

Miss Sweden


Carol Morris

Miss Universe


This photo was taken in March 1949 and the caption reads as follows:

PHOTO RELEASE                                                                                                           N  21  C/49

North American Aviation, Inc.

Los Angeles Airport

Los Angeles 45, California

        STORMING UP FOR TAKE OFF - - - Air Force North American Aviation B-45 four-jet bomber gets its new name “Tornado” painted on by Julie London, pretty Warner Brothers Actress just before delivery to Air Force pilots Major Charles Yeager, front, who flew the laboratory airplane XS-1 faster than sound, and Major Wallace Martin, Air Force representative at North American. Officers and men of the 47th Bombardment Group, Barksdale Air Force Base, Florida, gave the speedy airplane its name.

Webmaster Note: OSHA today would have kittens over the way Julie is posing on the top of that ladder. The things starlets had to do back in the day. Do you think Chuck Yeager and Major Martin had to sit in that hot cockpit with the window rolled up while Julie painted the name on the plane? That is a very small brush, there’s no bucket of paint, but I do think she has great penmanship.


Above: Julie and Bobby at a Universal Studios function in the 1980s.

Right: Julie London and Director Robert Parrish on the set of Saddle The Wind in 1958.

Above: Julie and daughters Stacy and Lisa prepare to depart for England in November 1957 where Julie would film A Question of Adultery.

Above: Lawrence Tierney and Julie London in 1961 on the TV set of Follow the Sun.

Above: Julie and friends before the salad course is served in the photo on the upper right.

This partial family portrait is from a January 17, 1977 People Magazine article on Julie and Bobby. (The link is to the article on this site.) Excluding the dogs, are Kelly,14 and identical twin sons Reese, 13 on the left and Jody right. Sorry but the article doesn’t disclose the dog’s names. Absent are Julie’s daughters Stacy and Lisa from her marriage to Jack Webb and Bobby’s daughters Cynnie and Ronne from his first marriage. The Troup/London family was real-life precursor to the Brady Bunch.

Two’s company and three’s a crowd with Julie London and Gary Cooper on location filming Man of the West. The photo is dated July 8, 1958.

Late 1950s. Above left at the historic Ciro’s Night Club on the Sunset Strip.

Julie and her girls - 1957

Jack Webb and Julie nightclubbing - 1950

Jack, Julie and Lisa - 1953

I think Julie divorced Jack Webb because of that shirt he’s wearing. - 1953

Julie London Takes Manhattan - 1955 & 1956

Columnist Earl Wilson in his January 12th, 1956 “Broadway” column reported . . . seeing sexy Julie London (the ex-Mrs. Jack Webb) opening at The Cameo, a viewer sighed, “Webb must be nuts.”

Julie London, Jack Webb and their daughters Stacy and Lisa in 1953.

I need some help with this photo. The guy in the camera chair is noted cinematographer, Ernest Haller. The photo is dated approximately 1959. He worked on both of Julie’s movies Man of the West released in 1958 and The 3rd Voice in 1960. Do you think that is Julie London, second from the left? Remember that lots of movie scenes end up on the cutting room floor, never to be seen. As a point of reference, the four movie studio photographs below of Julie in her dance hall costume were taken for Man of the West.  Just wondering . . .

These photos of President John F. Kennedy greeting Julie London were taken February 25, 1961. President Kennedy invited Julie to sing at the annual White House Correspondents’ Association  dinner in Washington at the Sheraton Park Hotel. To see more unique photographs and read about the evening, click on the link to the page on this site. The evening’s big controversy . . . did Julie recycle a five-year-old gown to sing for the President? Check out the evidence yourself and decide.

Mickey Mantle, Julie London and Bobby Troup and an unknown friend at the Harwyn Club in New York City in January, 1957.

Above: Lisa, Julie, Stacy and their dog Patsy from the 1958 LOOK Magazine photo-spread.

Left: Five-year-old daughter Lisa enjoys a bubble bath. From the 1958 LOOK Magazine.

Bobby Troup and Julie London relax over a game of cards at home in this photo from the September 17, 1972 TV Time Magazine from the Philadelphia Sunday Bulletin.

Julie London may not know these US sailors, but they know her. Click here to learn how science proved Julie London is the best singer in the world. Julie’s voice is on the oscilloscope.

Orchestra leader and musician, Ray Anthony his then wife, actress, Mamie Van Doren and Julie London in 1956. Ray Anthony appeared with Julie in the 1956 film, The Girl Can’t Help It and also in Julie’s 1959 film Night of the Quarter Moon. Ray Anthony was the second of five husbands for Mamie Van Doren.

Check out Bob Newhart and Julie London backstage at the Hollywood Bowl before performing there in this photo taken October 22nd, 1960.

Julie studies the script while Rod Taylor studies Julie in this December 14th, 1960 photograph on the set of the TV series Hong Kong. The episode aired January 4th, 1961.

Caption: Julie London is all for a 30-hour day. She needs at least an additional 5 or 6 hours each day to get all the things done on her list. TV appearances, movies, recording sessions, time for her two daughters, time for husband Bobby Troup, time for so many things. With a few more hours, Julie says she might even take up a hobby. Time-off finds her partying with Bobby in Hollywood.

Picture Credit: Globe Photos - Los Angeles - March 13, 1960

Bobby Troup and Julie London

September 24, 1958

Caption: Julie London, with her two children, Stacy (left), and Lisa (right), welcome Edward R. Murrow into their home in Hollywood, California on “Person to Person” Friday, Sept. 13, 1957. (CBS Television, 10:30-11:00 PM, EDT).

Julie and Rod in this December 16th, 1960 photograph on the set of the TV series Hong Kong.

Julie London - March 8, 1956

Caption: SCREEN ACTRESS Julie London takes her newly-acquired Basset hound with her wherever she goes. She is shown here while working on scenes for “Man of the West” co-starring Gary Cooper. “Man of the West” which is the next attraction at the Palms Theatre, also includes Lee J. Cobb and Arthur O’Connell.

Photo dated October 19, 1958.

Above Left: The phrase “Lucky Dog” somehow comes to mind.

Caption: The game's on ice :  Advance publicity for the Pan-American Chess Congress has the authentic Hollywood touch.

Players: Barbara Bates (left) and Daun Kennedy. Spectators: Julie London (left) and Jean Trent.

At the time, Julie and her friends were filming Night In Paradise for Universal. The date is July, 1945.

Photo by courtesy of Universal Pictures Co., Inc.

Caption: From left to right, starlets Poni Adams, Julie London, Jean Trent, Barbara Bates, Daun Kennedy, and Kathleen O'Malley pose in protest of a new Los Angeles city ordnance banning shorts in public. The sextet were filming "Night in Paradise" at the time.

Source: ACME News Service photo, dated July 6, 1945.

Webmaster note: Was everyone in L.A.’s City Government gay or what in 1945? (Not that there is anything wrong with that.) What were they thinking? The U.S. had millions of men in uniform at the time, fighting WWII, and this is what the G.I.s were fighting for. My Dad was one of them. What was next for L.A., a ban on tight sweaters and high heels?

In this 1950’s vintage photo from Universal Pictures, Julie London makes nice with her mailman apparently. I like the one sans mailman. Thank you PhotoShop.

Photo Caption: Bed of Roses

Singer Julie London relaxes fetchingly on the bed in her Sherman Oaks, Calif., home. A similarly pretty pose on the cover of her latest album, “Calendar Girl,” hasn’t hurt sales any. Julie’s career blossomed after her divorce from TV’s Jack Webb--Sgt. Joe Friday--in 1953. Today she is among the nation’s top female vocalists and a much sought after movie actress as well. The mother of two girls, gorgeous Julie credits composer-pianist Bobby Troup, onetime University of Pennsylvania jazz combo leader, with upsurge in her singing career.

Photo dated: January 27, 1957

Webmaster note: Nice to see ya!

A nice candid shot of Julie. I’d read somewhere that in addition to being an avid card player, Julie was a voracious reader. In her post-public retirement after her show Emergency! ended, she would reportedly read several books a day.

Relaxing with Bobby

A wardrobe adjustment on the set.

Caption for Photo Below: Hollywood Calif: As assistant director Frank Parmenter (left) offers a towel, actress Julie London gropes blindly for something with which to wipe the champagne from her eyes after filming of a scene from "The Voice". Supplying a handkerchief is actor Edmond O'Brien (right) who moments before dumped a whole glass of champagne down the front of Miss London's low cut dress........

Dated: October 30, 1959

Note: Poor Julie had to shoot this scene four times to get a take the director was satisfied with.

Insert Joke Here: How many film production cast and crew members does it take to wipe champagne off Julie London’s chest? . . . And, how does one get such a job? Note: The crew isn’t wiping her eyes.

Note: This photo exchange is also on The 3rd Voice movie page. It’s worth repeating it here.

Photo Caption: United Press --- A 147-year-old model of the British warship London was viewed at an exhibit in New York City by Julie London, actress and recording star. Appraised at $4,000, the three-foot model of ivory and whalebone was completed in 1810 by French prisoners of war in England. Its prototype was the 18th century, 98-gun British flagship that lost a crucial battle in the American Revolutionary war

Photo Dated: February 7, 1957

This is a current Google satellite photo of Julie London’s and Bobby Troup’s home at 16074 Royal Oak Road, Encino, CA 91436. “Swimmin’ pools and movie stars.”

Caption: At lunch time on the Colorado location Julie London gets in the chow line, along with her young daughter Tracey (sic.) (Actually her daughter is Stacy.)

With exciting cast headed by Robert Taylor, Julie London, John Cassavetes, Donald Crisp and Charles McGraw, MGM’s “SADDLE THE WIND” was filmed in CinemaScope on location in the Colorado Rockies. Produced by Armand Deutsch, Robert Parish directing, screen play was written by Rod Serling from Thomas Thompson’s original. Triple-Academy Award winning team of Jay Livingston and Ray Evans wrote the title song.

Note: The photo would have been taken in 1957. The film was released in March 1958. The location was Rosita, Colorado.

Caption: INTERRUPTION - - Between-scenes chatter among Bobby Troup, Julie London and Director - Star José Ferrer is interrupted by a filming question from Camera Operator William Dodds on the set of Universal-International’s “The Great Man,” dramatic film version of Al Morgan’s best-selling novel about a radio star whose death uncovers an unsavory private life, with Ferrer directing and heading a cast which includes Dean Jagger, Miss London, Keenan Wynn, Ed Wynn, Joanne Gilbert, and Jim Backus. Aaron Rosenberg produced.

Photo by Universal-International Studios 1956.

Above Left: Mid-to-late 1950s photo. Above Right: Mid-to-late 1970s photo. Bobby Troup and Julie London remained a damn fine looking American couple for better than 40 years.

The Milwaukee Sentinel - Friday - December 31, 1982 Caption: Police in Los Angeles, Calif., held an unprecedented memorial service Thursday for actor Jack Webb and retired the badge number 714, that he wore as Sgt. Joe Friday on television’s “Dragnet” series. Robert Troup (left), Julie London, former wife of Webb, and Webb’s daughters, Lisa and Stacy, attended the services.                      ---AP

Webmaster’s Note: I struggled with whether or not to include this item due to it being a sad closing to a web page full of smiling people. Jack Webb was Julie’s husband for over six years and father to their daughters Stacy and Lisa. He is family. Webb was also Julie’s and Bobby’s employer  on the TV series Emergency! for most of the 1970’s. Despite the sad faces and handkerchiefs wiping eyes, I include this to celebrate Jack Webb as the unabashed booster for the L.A.P.D. and police departments and first responders everywhere through his television shows Dragnet, Adam-12  and Emergency! that I grew up watching.

Jack Webb died suddenly, December 23rd, 1982 at the young age of of 62. As an honor to Webb, Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley ordered the flags in the city lowered to half-staff. Jack Webb was buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery with full police honors. At the memorial for Webb held at the Los Angeles Police Academy on December 30th, 1982 depicted above, there was a full police honor guard, police bagpipers piping Amazing Grace and a fly-over by the L.A. police department’s airborne units. Past and present high police department officials participated along with many of Jack Webb’s Hollywood contemporaries.

Left: The Cover of the Memorial Program for Jack Webb.



Caption Above Left: HOLLYWOOD - March 1, 1957 WEDDING PLANS FOR MUSICAL PAIR--Julie London, an actress turned vocalist, and Bobby Troup, singer and bandleader, are going to marry sometime this Spring, they announced yesterday. It will be the second marriage for each. She was formerly married to television’s Jack Webb. The actress, who is 30, credits Troup, 38, with encouraging her to begin her new career as a singer. (AP Wirephoto)

Webmaster Note: No they won’t. Bobby Troup asked for Julie’s hand in marriage in July 1954, not too long after they met. They were finally married, December 31st, 1959. The five-and-one-half-year engagement is about triple the average length of the typical Hollywood star-type marriage. Click on the Gossip tab to track how the gossip columnists called Julie and Bobby’s long engagement. Long engagements apparently do lead to long marriages as Julie’s and Bobby’s ended after 40 years with Bobby’s death in 1999.

Caption Above: WASHINGTON, April 11, 1967 --- SENATORS HEAR SINGER --- Sultry Julie London testified  --- and sang by way of recordings --- today before a Senate subcommittee. She testified in support of a proposed legislation which would give royalties to singers as well as composers. She played records to illustrate how a singer’s interpretation of a song can help make it a success. (AP Wirephoto)

Webmaster Note: Julie played The Mickey Mouse Club March, one version by the Mouseketeers and her own ultra-sensual interpretation. The Senators got the point. I have several articles regarding her testimony under the ‘Articles’ tab.

Above: Julie London and Herschel Bernardi in Like a Diamond in the Sky for the Eleventh Hour TV series, airing February 13, 1963.

Trivia Point: These photos were taken earlier on February 3, 1963 during taping of the show. Julie is five months pregnant with her twin sons in these photos. Read about The Laziest Girl in Hollywood, here.

A Young Julie in the 1940s

On the set of the film The Wonderful Country in Mexico 1959. Read the background story here.

Next GalleryLIFE_Magazine_Photos.htmlLIFE_Magazine_Photos.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0

Photo Date: JULY 7, 1957 - Caption: A gab fest around the old iron stove finds (left to right) writer Rod Serling, Director Robert Parrish, Producer Armand Deutsch with stars John Cassavetes, Julie London and Robert Taylor.

With exciting cast headed by Robert Taylor, Julie London, John Cassavetes, Donald Crisp and Charles McGrew, MGM’s “SADDLE THE WIND” was filmed in CinemaScope on location in the Colorado Rockies. Produces by Armand Deutsch, Robert Parrish directing screen play was written by Rod Serling from Thomas Thompson’s original. Triple-Academy Award winning team of Jay Livingston and Ray Evans wrote the title song.

Caption Left: May 5, 1957 - COMPOSER Bobby Troup and she will be wed in July, says singer Julie London, Jack Webb’s former missus. Those rumors of a rift? Don’t you believe ‘em, says she.

Note: Bobby and Julie had one of the longest engagements in Hollywood or anywhere else for that matter. They were engaged in July 1954 and were finally married five-and-one-half years later on New Year’s Eve 1959.

I believe that’s the same gold gown Julie poses in for the cover photo of her February 1957 LIFE magazine article as well as her 1957 record album cover About The Blues.

Below: Julie London and John Drew Barrymore in a photograph  from their film Night of the Quarter Moon.

Caption: September 30, 1959 - Chicago Daily News - London In Chicago - Julie London with her husband Bob Troup as they arrived at O’Hare Airport via American Airlines. She is en-route to Hancock, MI to perform for the Michigan University School of Mines.

Note: Having lived for a couple of years there getting a Masters Degree at the University of Chicago, I have to say a fur coat and camel hair top coat look like overkill for an early Autumn day in Chicago. However Hancock is on a peninsula in Upper Michigan that extends into Lake Superior. It’s hard to get further north in the lower 48 states. The School of Mines is across a river in  Houghton, MI. Julie was invited back to play another concert at the University in February 1965. You can read the blurb and see Julie wearing the same fur coat by clicking the link here. She knows how to pack and look good doing it.

In the photos above, and below, Julie London and her daughters, Stacy and Lisa enjoy a picnic while she is on location in Mexico filming The Wonderful Country in 1959.

Jack Webb and Julie London were newlyweds when this photo was taken in 1947 or 1948. Julie is in costume for her role in Tap Roots which was released in September 1948.

Julie London, Dean Jones, Anna Kashfi and John Drew Barrymore caught in a nice candid shot while in the studio filming Night of The Quarter Moon in 1959.

March 19, 1963 - The Dick Powell Theatre - “Charlie’s Duet” - Julie plays Linda Baxter. Anthony Franciosa played Charlie Harris.

Jack Webb and spouse Julie London make nice in this early 1950s photo.

Caption: ANNAPOLIS, Md., June 4, 1961 --- SIGN HERE --- Midshipman James R. Traa of Lake Forest, IL, gets his cap autographed bye recording star Julie London here today. Miss London was here for a popular music concert as part of the academy’s June Week program. Traa, the son of Mr. and Mrs. James F. Traa of 852 West Lane Lorraine, is president of the 1961 graduating class. He will be commissioned an Ensign in the Navy June 7. (A P Wirephoto)

Caption: Los Angeles, Calif. 8/3/55 - Julie London, ex-wife of TV’s Jack Webb has resumed her career which was interrupted eight years ago when she married Jack Webb. She’s taking her first crack at the nightclubs and says her picking up her career was “Frightening at first but I just had to do it.” I like that feeling of independence.”

Webmaster Note: Can that reel-to-reel get any bigger? Technology time capsule on display. In 1955 that was state of the art music reproduction. Not quite iPod, iPhone, iPad size today.

July 1, 1952

TV Picture Life Magazine Photo

Julie and Richard Egan on the set of Voice in the Mirror 1958.

Julie, Hampton Hawes and Jack Tucker - Stars of Jazz 9-10-56.

Caption Left: May 9, 1965 - Youthful mother of five - It isn’t easy to believe but sultry U.S. queen of the torch song, sexy Julie London is mother of two girls, twin boys and three-year-old Kelly, with whom she is pictured here in Melbourne, Australia. Julie admits to being 38 but will spend a strenuous season performing in two hotels down under.

1963 Julie London and her twin sons, Reese and Jody.

Julie was engaged to Bobby Troup from 1955-1959. Here’s a mid-engagement photo from 1957.

September 16, 1962 - Julie London and five-month-old daughter Kellly smile for the camera.

August 10, 1954 Julie London and Bobby Troup have a date at Ciro’s nightclub in  Hollywood.

Julie accepts a “Gold Record Award” from Liberty Records President and founder, Si Waronker. For years, Julie was known as the Liberty Girl. I’m guessing late 1955 or 1956.

NOTE: The small photo is Julie in a USO show promotional flier from January 1944. Her hairstyle is quite similar to the large photo. Perhaps this is Julie performing for the USO. However, prior to finishing high school, running an elevator and being discovered for the movies, she sang with the Matty Melnick orchestra. That was until someone learned she was 16-years-old. Perhaps this photo is from 1942 and that is Matty Melnick Julie is singing with. I couldn’t find a picture of him. If you know, write me.

Bobby Troup and Julie at a party in 1964.